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Covid-19 Pandemic has sent a shock to the world, and everybody is forced to adjust their daily routine to reduce the risk of this virus transmission. Many industries have adopted work from home during the MCO and lockdown, and now everybody is preparing for ways to return to work safely and confidently.

When the government lifts the MCO and business reopens, the Malaysia government requires all employers to record employees daily temperature and keep the data for at least three months. Even though this is not a requirement from the government in other countries, it is a good practise for a company to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

TimeTec TA is an attendance management system that provides the most crucial feature during this time: Health Screening and Tracing of Close Contact.

To start, sign up at Once you have an account, the first thing you need is to add your employees’ profile.

Go to Users > Manager Users and start to import users by batch.

Record Employees Daily Temperature while Clocking

To record employees’ temperature reading, go to Attendance > Health Screening. The admin can filter by Attendance Date to insert employees’ temperature. Multiple temperatures of the employee can be recorded at different times per day.

Remark column is also available for the administrator to insert any sickness reported by the employees eg: fever, flu, cough etc.

Two reports are available at Reports > Health Screening.

For employees who are working from home, they can clock attendance using TimeTec TA smartphone App with GPS location at home. The absence of body temperature data is proof that he/she is working from home and not at the office. 

Tracing of Close Contacts

For mobile employees, they can clock their work time using TimeTec TA App when they arrive at different locations using the GPS clocking option, which will keep the location data intact. The employees then can record individuals whom they had close contact with, whether it’s during a face-to-face meeting with the clients or attending training or other matters, by filling up the information in the Clocking Remark column. This gathered information could help identify the close contacts in case someone in the chain is positive with Covid-19.

The detailed records can be retrieved by the administrator at TimeTec TA web portal Device > Data Audit List and Reports > Mobile Location Tracking Report.

By using TimeTec TA, companies have employees health screening reports safe and accurate, and the system simplifies the tracing of close contacts in case of someone contracts positive Covid-19. All data will be available in real-time, accessible via TimeTec TA portal anytime.

TimeTec TA also comes with other useful features such as shift scheduling, OT approval, multi-tenancy design to manage staff attendance in the most effective ways.

If you require any assistance or you want to explore TimeTec TA further, please contact

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.

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