Ingress & TCMS V3 Allows Retrieval of Specific Records from Selected FingerTec Devices for Specific Purpose

Friday, April 24, 2015 TimeTec 2 Comments

In Ingress, all data captured by all devices can be used for door access as well as attendance calculations and reports. For example, in a factory environment that installs one R2 terminal (Access control product) and one TA200Plus (Time and attendance product), activities in these two devices will be many in a day. So, how do you sort out the data to be used solely for attendance and those that are dedicated for access control? Likewise, in TCMSV3, if you have multiple terminals across many areas, how can you restrict employees to report attendance at specific devices only (e.g. users in Group A may only clock In at Terminal 1 and clock Out at Terminal 2)?

In Ingress and TCMS V3 software, under Clocking Schedule, there is a feature termed “Enable Attendance Records from Selected Devices only”. This feature will allow you to retrieve attendance logs from a specific device for a specific clocking slot.  

Referring to the previous factory example, by default, records from both devices will contribute to attendance and access calculations and reports. However, to dedicate a certain device specifically for attendance calculations only, management can set Ingress to capture records from TA200 Plus for example, solely for this purpose, while records from R2 will only be used for movement analysis, targeted for pure access control activities. When this is accomplished, the company must communicate to all staff the difference of the devices and their functions for them to comply. For example, the TA200 Plus installed at the front gate and the TA100C at the side gate shall be used for attendance activities. Meanwhile, R2 devices at room A, B, C are only meant for door access activities.

The configuration below is done on Ingress software, as shown in the accompanying image but similar steps can be applied in TCMS V3.
Go to Attendance > Clocking Schedule > Select a Schedule > Click Clocking Range.

On the Attendance tab under the Clocking Range, you can see the “Enable Attendance records from selected device only” option at the bottom of every time slot. Select the specific terminal that you want to capture records to treat as attendance for the particular time slot.


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Ingress System Admin Access Password Retrieval

Thursday, April 23, 2015 TimeTec 59 Comments

In an event where you have forgotten your administrator password to login into your Ingress software you need to contact our support team at We can help you generate a temporary password to login to your software. However this feature is only available after you upgrade your Ingress version to Ingress v3.0.1 and above.

Let’s Get Started:
Locate the 5-digit code display at the left lower corner of your login screen in Ingress. This is a very important number, which you need to email to us to request for the new password.  Once you have sent the number to us, do not enter any password or turn off this screen because this random code changes every time you restart the software or fill in the wrong one.

We will provide you with a one-time-use password that is valid for only one login session to  Ingress. 

Insert “admin” into the User Name column and the provided password into the Password field and click Login.

The system will automatically request a password change after the login. Create and confirm your new password here.

Note: This password retrieval option will only work with the System administrator password but not for the Ingress client login password. In case your staff has forgotten their Ingress client login password, the administrator will need to generate a new password on their behalf under System Settings > User Role. 


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Ingress & TCMS V3 Tip: DO NOT TAMPER with the User Expiry Date in Ingress/TCMS V3 Database

Tuesday, April 07, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

Important Note: This tip is crucial as tampering with the Ingress/ TCMS V3 software system by deleting the expiry date from the database can cause the system to not work properly. The tip below will explain to you in detail the crucial role of the expiry date in generating the attendance of your employees. 

In FingerTec Ingress/ TCMS V3 Software, one can add users into the software via one of the 5 ways:

1.   By Adding User Manually
2.   Creating User by Batch
3.   Downloading Users from the terminal
4.   Importing Users from a text or Excel file
5.   Importing Users from USB Payroll System.

The images below are from Ingress software, however it also applies to TCMSV3 which has a slightly different interface.

Regardless of the way you choose to add user into the software, the system will define an expiry date for each user created. However, the predefined value will not be shown in the software as it is automatically generated at the back-end process whenever a new user is added into the software. 

Ingress and TCMS V3 software are designed in a way that it requires an ISSUE AND EXPIRY DATE for each employee in order to recognize this employee as an active employee before attendance can be generated.

Within the software itself, the expiry date can be edited to suit your company preference if there is a need for that. If you assign an expiry date for a particular user, clocking activities will not appear in the attendance sheet for the user after his/her expiry date. The transaction will appear only in the terminal data audit list. Therefore, please be careful when configuring the expiry date of the user.

Most importantly, we discourage users from changing or modifying this expiry date directly in the database. Do take note that if the expiry date is removed from the database, e.g. using any SQL manager tools from the Ingress database (or similarly for TCMS V3) the attendance of the employees will NOT be generated as the employee’s status will be changed into an inactive user.


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Ingress Software Installation Error Message

Friday, April 03, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

Ingress Software Installation

Error message appears when installing MySQL, could not access network location Hewlett-Packard

Error When Installing MySQL:
During Ingress Software installation, the system will directly Install MySQL .

However during the MySQL installation, the process suddenly stops and you will be prompted with the error message below:


The Solution:

Follow the steps shown below to rectify the error.

1. Click START > Run...

2. Type: regedit and press OK to open the Registration Editor.

3. Browse the following folder:

32bit operating systems: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

64bit operating systems: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

4. Look for a value named InstallLocation containing the string \Hewlett-Packard\\ and delete this

5. Close the Registration Editor.
6. Start the installation again.


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