Update for FingerTec Terminal Function Tool

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 TimeTec 2 Comments

FingerTec terminal function varies according to the models. However, not all of the functions are preloaded into the terminal in order for the terminal to run smoothly, without having unnecessary functions in it. However, you can load the compatible functions that you wish to use, into your terminal using the FingerTec Terminal Function Tool.  

You can download the FingerTec Terminal Function Tool from here.

The FingerTec Terminal Function Tool recognizes the functions that are compatible with the connected terminals and will deactivate the function automatically if the terminal does not support the function (i.e. TA100C does not support access control and thus, the whole Access Control tab will be grayed out) to avoid any mistakes during upload process and minimizing hardware failure.

In the latest update, we have added the compatibility of R3 (access control and time attendance terminal) and TA100C FMM (time attendance terminal) into the FingerTec Terminal Function Tool. The function tools options now supports R3 and TA100C FMM with no issues.

In the Access Control Tab, we have added a new option which is ‘Enable R2c’.  R2c is a slave terminal designed to serve FingerTec master terminals such as AC900, Q2i, i-Kiosk 100 Plus, H2i and R3 for a more cost-effective IN-OUT access control system. If you need to use the slave device with any of the master terminal listed above, tick the checker to Enable R2c in the access control tab and update it to your master terminal.

For more info regarding all the other options available in FingerTec’s Terminal Function tool, you can refer to the link below.


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Backup and restore database management

Sunday, March 27, 2016 TimeTec 7 Comments


Ingress is evolving to improve the user experience in order to navigate through the software easily. These enhancements have boosted the performance of Ingress. The interface of database management also has been improvised to allow the users to restore and backup database they need swiftly.


For the latest release of Ingress, this following tips will assist and complement the first time user experience in engaging the basic backup and restore terms in Ingress’s Database Configuration

To Backup
Step 1 – Go to System Settings Tab


Step 2 - Select Database Configuration. 
Step 3 - Click at Backup Options and select the module that you want to backup. Press OK
               when you are done.
Step 4 - Click at the Browse button and select the folder that you want to save the
               database to. You can also click Make New Folder if you want to create a
               new folder. Once done, press OK.

Step 5 - Click on the Backup button to initiate the backup process. 

To Restore
Step 1 - Go to System Settings > Database Configuration > Click Browse

Step 2 - Select the Ingress database and Click Open to choose the link

If you encounter an error halfway during the restoration process, you can follow the steps below. The error will halt the restoration process in Ingress software and the database restoration will not be completed. To resolve this issue, you need to untick the Abort on Error option and Click Pause Monitoring at the Monitoring tab before restoring the database.
Step 3 – Go to Monitoring Page and click Pause Monitoring.
Step 4 - Go to System Settings Tab > Database Configurations and untick the option “abort
               on error”.


Step 5 - Click the Restore button. Now you should be able to restore the database without
               any error.


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Ingress – Filter Users by Group or Department in Attendance and Reports Modules

Sunday, March 27, 2016 TimeTec 2 Comments



FingerTec has released a new version of Ingress (v3.0.5.10) recently, that provides more features and enhancement. In this latest version of Ingress, we have upgraded a new feature, where you can now filter up the users by groups or departments, to ease the process of searching users in the Attendance sheet and Reports.


By having this feature, you can directly filter users by group, without having the need to scroll all the way down, searching through the list to select user one by one.


Step 1.
First of all, you need to create a new Group or Department at User tab > Add Department. Here you can create multiple departments, and their sub-departments.

Step 2.
Assign all users to their corresponding departments accordingly, by going to Users > Select User > Select Department > Ok (attachment 1). Once finished, you can see all the users are inserted into their corresponding departments.

Step 3.

Go to the Attendance module, Click on Users, and you can now filter users based on their Department / sub-Departments.
Ingress system will generate the Attendance record or Reporting based on User ID that you have selected.
You can also filter the users in the Reports module by following these steps:
Click User > Select or sort user by Department or sub department > Select the preferred User ID.


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How to activate Keylock 7700 in Ingress, and solve Keylock 7700 “Upload User Fail” issue?

Saturday, March 26, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments


Keylock 7700 provides vast access control features as a high tech and modern designed door lock system. The USB user and data management style of Keylock delivers an excessive option of accessibility of data, both to and from the lock. Keylock is also bundled with Ingress as its operating software, if users require to manage data from Keylock in the computer.

The transaction logs can be easily downloaded, hence data centralization, management and monitoring is easier than ever, with the usage of USB management.


A: Device activation in Ingress:
     1)    Create an admin user in the device by pressing Menu button> User Manage>
             Enroll Admin> Enroll FP/Pwd/ RFID card

        2)    To save the admin user created into the pendrive, go to Menu> PenDrive Mng>
              DwnLoad User
         3)    In Ingress, add and activate the Keylock, by setting the configuration as per listed
-          Devices > Add Device
-          Device Type: Keylock
-          Device name: write your preferred name (e.g. Keylock 7700)
-          Communication Mode: USB file
-          USB Disk Path: select the USB path and press scan to find the
             downloaded user data, (1_UData).
-          Device ID: 1
-          Device Activation

B: Uploading new users from Ingress into Keylock:
    1)     Create new users in the User module by clicking on the “New User” or “Batch
             Create User” button. Take note of the following two remarks:
         -     User ID: Must be a 5-digit number
         -     Password: Must be a 6-digit number
      2)   Transfer the user to the USB Flash Disk by going to Users > Export User to USB>
             Select User > Specify the USB location > Select Keylock > Export.

     3)   Open the folder 1_udata in your pendrive, and ensure that the “templatev10.u”
            file exists here.
NOTE: If the file does not exist, while uploading the data into Keylock, the “Upload User
            Fail” will be prompted on the screen.
     4)    If the file does not exists, you will have to download the file from here.
     5)   Once downloaded, copy and paste this file into the 1_udata folder of USB flash,
           for successful transfer of user data.
      6)   Connect the pendrive to the device, and go to Menu > PenDrive Mng > Upload User.


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Ingress Software Update 3.0.5

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 TimeTec 8 Comments

Ingress Software update comprises a set of whopping cool features that will add value to your overall experience with us. To begin with you may now download the latest Ingress release from our official website www.fingertec.com or update it online directly via the software itself.  There are twenty major updates that you will come across while reading through and our team has also fixed several bugs that was standing on your way. Now you are left with a smoothers and comfortable system to ensure that you enjoy a comprehensive access control and time attendance arrangement in your workplace.

Ingress Software Latest Plus Features 3.0.5
Below are a series of the most recent updates that comes along with Ingress 3.0.5;
1)        Hides the edit remark in the system settings
Now there’s an added option to “accept edited data as original clocking” into the system settings tab. When data is revised/edited, the amended time will not be highlighted in bold .This feature is to ensure that the ‘edit’ remark is hidden and to indicate that the information displayed as the real and lastest conveyance.
2)        Allow user to customize the “Absent” word in System Settings to suit their respective company protocols and culture.
            Prior to this, Ingress has defined absent whenever there is an absentee on a working day. This time around we have added an option in  System Parameter Settings > Day Type so that the company admin may define the absentee to be addressed with a specific term deemed suitable by their company’s policy.
3)        Conveniently uploads message directly from Ingress’s Software

You can now manage public and private messages from Ingress software to the terminal to ease communication within the premise. You can also choose to broadcast the message to everyone or send it to selected employees, viewable only when they verify their credentials. 

4)       Insert your branding elements or anything relevant easily
You can now insert screensavers and advertisement into your device via the latest Ingress software release.  However, this is only applicable for terminals with 3.5”and 8” LCD as well as FACE ID Series.

5)        Added weekly wages report to sum up comprehensive outputs for you
In the latest release of the Ingress software, we have added “Weekly Wages Report”. Through this, now administrator can generate the report to check the amount of money that a particular worker earns each week. This indirectly simplifies payroll management for the HR personnel and ensures minimum miscellaneous wastages.

6)        Automatic timer to back up your database
Ingress now supports the daily automatic database backup function so that you have a copy of the database if there’s any untoward incident on the software. Simply set the timer each day and the system will perform an automatic backup on the specified time each day. This plus feature basically simplifies your daily back up routines and ensure that your data is safe and sound.

7)        Save up on your storage space by performing backups based on
module options.
If you only need to backup a certain module and not the entire database, you may now do so by selecting the “Backup by Module Options” in the latest Ingress software version. Select to backup the Device, User, Doors, Access level, Realtime Monitoring and Attendance module respectively. This feature is a big buzz for you, if your concern is to save up on the storage space.
8)        View salary payment mode in user’s profile and identify the nature of their job status.
In the user profile, you can select the salary type for each employee, either they are paid hourly or they are a fixed pay employee. This will clearly indicate the nature of their employment status with the company.
9)        Skip manual updates and save time with the newly added feature that allows an Import Leave Option in Attendance.
You can  now import leave records by the employees without having need to edit each employee’s record manually. Instead of manully typing out the on hand records, if you have it listed in an excel format then Ingress allows you to directly import your data to the system right away, saving up on time and labour resources.

10)     Ease the identification process with the newly added component, terminal ID”.
Chose to include the Terminal ID when exporting attendance details so that you can precisely locate which terminal ID does the Transaction Log belong to. You have the choice to either add the ID before or after the transaction Log.
11)     Simplify schedule settings with Schedule Wizard Setup
Newly featured Schedule Wizard will save you a lot of time by guiding you through the setting up process and certainly rescue you from a lot of unwanted messiness.

12)      Absolute convenience with the Auto Start Ingress Server Option in
system settings
Option is added for the Ingress server to auto-start once the Server PC is switched on. By doing so, if users wants to connect to the server via Ingress Client PC, they will not have issues to login if the PC is restarted.
13)      Enhancement on Monitoring Tab – Grouping of different types of notification to ease monitoring process
On the monitoring tab, user can now select the monitoring grouping (Fail Record, Normal In Out, Alarm) to view the specific notification only.
14)     New filter functions to extend sleek user experience
In the software, you can now filter the users by group to ease the search of a particular user without having to scroll all the way down, scanning through the list.
15)        Customize your view option by selecting the options from attendance summary
              report for a focused display and report generation
   An additional option is included for user to select the preferred column as per the
screen capture below, before generating Attendance Summary Report.
16)      Attractive and vibrant login screen that also supports OFIS TA
The login screen to Ingress software had been revamped to support OFIS TA login function.
17)       If you have any issue with Ingress, worry not, you will be led to the tips
             page for assistance!
  You will always be in good hands! We have included the help button on the server
  settings screen which will direct you to the tips page immediately once you click on
  the button. You may browse from the list of tips for a walkthrough on the issues
  you are encountering with your Ingress software.
18)      Extract precise raw data from each terminal
In the data audit list, you may now filter the audit list according to the device itself instead of  filtering through by door. By doing so, user can obtain precise raw data from each terminal.
19)     Remove Door Name from Event tab in User Module
           In user module, we have removed the Door Name from the event tab to cater for
           OFIS TA.
20)     Ingress is now able to record your leaves on an hourly basis for a more precise
           report and payroll management processing.
With this newly added trait leaves can be recorded on an hourly basis and the system will indicate the precise leave hours taken by the employees and generate reports accordingly. Prior to this, in the report, you can only view the leave in days and not in hours and with the latest release, you can now select to show the leave in hours or day depending on your need. This will ease the HR personnel’s daily task to ensure that all leaves are recoded precisely and accurately for a smooth payroll management.

21)     Ingress 3.0.5 now, also supports Ofis TA
A big plus plus point, you can now incorporate OFIS TA with Ingress software to produce an effective time and attendance system. OFIS TA can also be used as enrolment stations for larger corporations that are deploying multiple units of FingerTec readers in their corporations.
These additional features are deemed to support our valued users in all aspects possible for an enhanced overall experience with Ingress. Designed to wield the four main elements that make up an access control system, which are credentials, readers, locking devices and controllers this system works to purvey absolute safety precautions and with FingerTec’s Ingress you can be assured that you are in good hands! 
16 Errors fixed:
1)       Fixed Flexi Job Costing Clocking time fall on next day issue
2)       Fixed Mis-alignment in date column in Arabic System Locale
3)       Fixed previous year holiday setting being synchronized to current year
4)       Fixed Employee’s name not appearing in Job Cost Analysis Report
5)       Fixed Duplicated Clocking Time in XLS format after exporting out from data audit
6)       Fixed wrong card number returned in monitoring page when using MiFare Card.
7)       Fixed User ID not exported in ETC Report for Raw data mode.
8)       Fixed Clocking Data not displaying in attendance sheet after Auto Download and
      Enable Attendance Records from selected device only is configured.
9)       Fixed Duplicate month issue in Group Duty Roster
10)     Fixed data audit list not displaying.
11)     Fixed can’t enter to a new line in report scheduler message.
12)     Fixed add Holiday list not appearing in calendar view.
13)     Fixed Holiday List Calendar showing wrong day in attendance module.
14)     Fixed Data Audit List not migrated when migrating from TCMSv2.
15)     Fixed Unable to load page in Attendance Module.
16)      Fixed Download transaction log issue from USB for FMM firmware model.


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