A Simple Tool to Upload User Photos into Devices That Runs on FEM Series Coreboards

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The newest version of TCMS V2 and TCMS V3 are compiled with the latest Software Development Kit (SDK) to build an advance adaptation of TA100C and AC100, which are equipped with the new Core Board version known as FMM 100, replacing its older predecessor, FEM510. 

However, due to the situation that FEM510 and FMM100 models are running on different platforms, the new SDK used in these 2 software are not fully compatible with the older models that are running on FEM coreboards. Thus, uploading user photos into FEM model devices can no longer be done directly from TCMS V2 or TCMS V3.


Having photo identification during fingerprint verification will further enhance the validation process that the machine is capturing the correct user.
This tool allows the administrators to upload multiple user photos at the same time, without requiring any software assistance.


To upload user photos into FEM devices, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Be sure to have the device connected to a PC through TCP/IP connection. You can test the connection by pinging the device’s IP address, and connecting it to Device Info tool

Step 2:
Proceed to download the “FTUserPhoto” tool from here

Step 3:
Go to your PC’s Control Panel > Program and Features > Turn Windows feature on or off > Check the all the options under “.NET Framework 3.5(includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0” option.)

Step 4:
Prepare the user photo according to the specifications below:
- The resolution of the photo must be 320 x 210px, and the size must not be more than   
- File type must be in JPEG format (.jpg)
- Ensure to rename the user photos the same as the user IDs (for example user ID is 900, the photo must be renamed as 900.jpg)

Step 5:
Copy all user photos and paste them inside the “FTUserPhoto” folder (User photos must be in the same folder with the FTUserPhoto tool)

Step 6:
- Turn OFF your PC’s Wi-Fi, Windows Firewall and Antivirus  
- Run the FTUserPhoto tool as Administrator
- Insert device IP address and click the “Connect” button. (it will show the device information once connected)

Step 7:
- Tick User Photo (box 1)
- Then click the button (box 2) and Select user photos.

Step 8:
Click “Update”, and the tool will update the user photos into the device, and reboot the device once.

Step 9:
After successfully updating the photos, you will be able to see the photos accordingly during the verification process. Kindly refer to the pictures below;




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TimeTec TA – Having Problem to Use Mobile Clocking with Your New Mobile Phone? Get to Know How to Reset Your Mobile ID

Monday, August 22, 2016 TimeTec 1 Comments


TimeTec Mobile is a real-time solution aimed to provide maximum convenience and flexibility, especially to industries having staff who are constantly on-the-move, enabling them to report their attendance wherever they are, check their attendance sheet record, and view their reports.

Each mobile phone has its own mobile ID. When a user first time login to TimeTec TA account using TimeTec mobile app, he will be asked to set his current mobile phone as his default mobile device. And by doing so, a unique mobile ID will be assigned to the mobile phone, and TimeTec TA will store this particular mobile ID. 

With that, the user can do mobile clocking through the mobile phone, and he will not be able to do so through other mobile phones. This feature was developed to avoid buddy punching occurences and TimeTec Mobile stores the location of the clocking activities in the data.

And it’s a known fact as well that people change their mobile phones quite regularly. Hence, when a user changes his mobile phone, the mobile ID must be reset, for him to get a new mobile ID for the new phone if he wants to use the phone for clocking.


By following these steps, the administrator will be able to clear the mobile ID of a user that wants to change to a new mobile phone.


All the Mobile IDs are stored in TimeTec TA, under Devices > Assign Users to Device module.

If the user is not allowed to share his mobile with other users, he can only login to TimeTec Mobile from his own mobile phone.

Since all users have their own user accounts with their own mobile ID, they need to inform the system administrator to clear the Mobile ID under their account, before they can clock using the new mobile phone.

To reset the Mobile ID, the administrator needs to follow these steps:

1) The System Admin needs to login to TimeTec TA through a web browser, admin account.

2) Click on Devices > Assign Users to Device.

3) Select the affected user ID > Click the Edit button > Remove the existing mobile ID.

4) Save the changes made.

5) Ask the user to login to TimeTec Mobile app again. Once done, a new mobile ID will be assigned to this user account.

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TCMS V3 – Using USB Flash Disk For Data Transfer

Monday, August 22, 2016 TimeTec 33 Comments


FingerTec offers 3 ways of communication, which are TCP/IP, USB and Serial Port (RS485 or RS232). If a FingerTec terminal is installed remotely and away from any network (TCPIP), USB flash disk can be utilized to transfer users and transaction data from that terminal into TCMS V3 software. 


Using USB flask disks to transfer data back to TCMS V3 is simple and not costly. From the TCMS V3 software, you can use all the features offered, where you can download the data, store it into the software database, and manage the data to be displayed in attendance sheet and reports.


Below are the steps needed to transfer data from FingerTec terminals to USB Flash Disk back to TCMS V3. 

Adding FingerTec Terminals

Go to Devices > Add Device > Insert Device Name > Select USB under Communication Mode > Insert the terminal's Serial Num. and Device ID > Select Offline under Device Activation > Insert the Product Key > Click Add.

Product key:
- If your PC has internet connection, you can directly select activation as "Online"
- However if there is no internet connection, you can retrieve the key from below link and select as "Offline"

A window will pop up, informing that the changes have been made. Click OK to proceed.  

Read and Write Data in TCMS V3 via USB

*Important note : All downloaded USB file (in .dat format)  must be encrypted.  Files that is not encrypted wont be able to be read in TCMSv3 software.

Copying User from USB Flash Disk into TCMSV3

Step 1:

Plug the USB flash disk into the PC.

Step 2:

Go to Users > Click on Read User from USB. Select the USB flash disk location > Click From USB > Select the user.dat file and click Download.

Step 3:

A window will pop up, letting you know that the user templates and information have been successfully downloaded. Click OK to proceed. 

Step 4:

To view the user templates and information, simply go to the Users tab. 

Copying User from TCMS V3 into USB Flash Disk

Just like how users can be downloaded from a terminal into a USB flash disk, they can also be uploaded from TCMS V3 into a USB flash disk. The data can then be uploaded to your FingerTec terminals.

Step 1:

Plug the USB flash disk into the PC. Go to Users > Click on Export User to USB.
Check the boxes next to the users to be exported, or check the top box to export all users > Select the location of the USB flash disk > Select the verification type (Fingerprint, Face or Card) > Select the device type (Color Screen, Black & White Screen or Keylock) > Click Export. 

Step 2:

A window will pop up to let you know that the user templates and information have been successfully exported. Click OK to proceed. 

Step 3:

You will need to plug the USB flash disk into your FingerTec terminal to upload the data & information. Users can start using the terminal after the update is done. For guidance to upload the data using USB Flash Disk into your devices, you can refer to your device’s user manual.

Copying Transaction Logs into TCMS V3 from USB Flash Disk

Step 1:

Plug the USB flash disk into the PC. Go to Scheduling & Attendance > Click on Attendance Sheet > Import Transaction Log.

Step 2:

Select the location of the USB flash disk > Click From USB > Select the .DAT file > Select the relevant Date Range and User ID for the records you require > Click Download.

Step 4:

A window will pop up. Click OK to proceed. 


1. Have you done terminal activation? Download of clocking data from the terminal is not possible without the activation process being done prior. Please activate your FingerTec terminal.

2. Is configuration of the terminal ID in software exactly the same as the device number? To check the device number, follow this instruction: Press Menu > Option > Comm. Option > Dev. Number. 

3. Have the device connection in the software (Comm Mode) been set to USB connection? If not, please do so.

4. Please make sure the USB file downloaded from the device is in an encrypted file format [ you can open the file by using notepad to check ]. This is applicable for certain devices such as TA100C where the encryption for USB download option can be turned on or off. 


In TCMSv3 version and above, we’ve added a new option to browse the path of User/Attendance USB file for importation to software. Before this, the option is only available with the USB flash disk drive location, where you need to copy the downloaded User and Attendance record from the terminal with .DAT file into the USB flash disk and plug it into the PC to read all the information.

With this new feature, you can save the user data and the transaction log (with .DAT file) that you have downloaded inside the computer itself. At the same time, you can share the .DAT file through Email, Skype or any cloud storage.

For further information, please refer to Import User and Attendance Record with USB (.dat File) from the Folder Path. 


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10 Frequently Asked Questions About FingerTec Database Integration with ERP Solutions

Monday, August 22, 2016 TimeTec 20 Comments


Data from FingerTec devices can be integrated with ERP solutions to cater to our customer’s requirements. However, there are some that we could not do due to Security reasons.


By integrating our devices and database with your ERP System, you can fetch and interpret the data in your own way, to cater to your own requirements. By having this FAQ, you will gain more understanding on which operations that can be done, and which not.


1. Which type of database is used to store the data in Attendance DB?

Please refer to  http://www.fingertec.com/softwareselectionguide/ for more details about database engine for all FingerTec Software.

2. If storage of data is by relational database, then what is the table structure used?

The answer to that question is confidential due to security purpose.

3. What is the database language used to query the records from the database?

We couldn’t provide the details due to security reasons.

4. Is Attendance DB compatible to support with Relational Database Management System like Oracle?

You can use the FingerTec Data Processor (FTDP) software to integrate with MSSQL & Oracle database. Check out information about FTDP here: http://www.fingertec.com/images/w_brochure/software-FTDP_e.html

5. In what format is the data stored in Attendance DB? Encrypted or compressed? If encrypted, what is the encrypting algorithm used?

We have prepared various articles to attend to your questions but we couldn’t expose the encrypting algorithm due to security reasons.

FTDP with Third Party SystemClick Here.

FTDP with MSSQL databaseClick Here.

FTDP with Oracle databaseClick Here

FTDP setup fileClick Here.

FTDP manualClick Here.

6. Does your Attendance DB use open source, web server or it has its own server technology?

This information is confidential to us.

7. Does Attendance DB provide any API's to fetch the data?

You can use our Software Development Kit (SDK) to use our FingerTec Terminal with your third party system.

FingerTec BioBridge SDK comes with DLL and ActiveX formats and currently supports Windows 9x/2000/NT platforms. It works well on many development environments including of Visual Basic 6.0, Delphi 7.0, Visual C++, Microsoft.Net and etc.

You can refer to the links below for more detail about SDK:

8. Is your Attendance DB compatible with Windows? If yes, can you share with us the ODBC driver?

Yes, all FingerTec Software are compatible with Windows platform.
If you are using 64bit operating system, you need to go to C drive > Windows > SysWOW64 > double click at odbcad32.exe to add the database at the User Data Source.
( C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe )

9. What is the username and password for the Attendance DB?

You can configure directly the username and password when you install the MySQL Server.

10. What is the recommended specification of the Attendance DB Server? Does it need a Static IP?

For server specification, you can use Intel Xeon with 8GB RAM, 500 GB HDD for a better performance. Yes, the server must have its static IP Ad


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15 TCMS V3 Most Common Technical Questions Answered

Tuesday, August 09, 2016 TimeTec 265 Comments

Q1: I do not have Internet connection at my TCMS V3’s PC. How could I obtain the product key to activate my device(s)?
A: You can forward an e-mail to our support team at support@fingertec.com with the following details for us to generate the product key(s) for you:

Serial Number:   
Terminal Model:               
Company Name:

Once we've received the details from you, we will generate the product keys you need and send it to you. Now, you have to select Offline activation and key in the Product Key to activate your device. 

Key in the Product Key in offline mode
Q2: I want TCMS V3 to automatically download the attendance logs from the device, without requiring me to manually download the data daily. Can TCMS V3 cater to my requirement?

A: Definitely. For your information, TCMS V3 performs automatic download on real-time basis when a device is connected to the software. However, if the connection is unstable, or the device’s connection is lost, you can set up an Automatic Download Interval. This can be done by following these steps: System Setting > System Parameter Setting > Attendance. By going here, you are given two options to set up the Automatic Download Interval, as explained below:

a) Auto Download Transaction Log Interval (HH:mm): You can key-in a value in HH:mm format for the automatic download process to run. For example, if you set 00:30, the system will automatically download the attendance logs every 30 minutes.

b) Specify daily download timer for the system to activate the automatic download process everyday: You can set up to two times for the data to be downloaded automatically on daily basis. You can insert the time that is desired for the automatic download process to run. For example, 10.00am and 7.00pm. By configuring this option, the system will automatically download the attendance logs at 10.00am and 7.00pm daily.

Note: To make sure that the download process runs correctly, you must ensure that you have ticked the option “Perform daily download when the computer is powered on” option, so that a Windows Service will be created to download the logs, even though Ingress software is not running at that moment. You must also ensure that you configure only ONE of the options above, either a or b, so that the system will not conflict between these two options.

Q3:  I’m using TCMS V2 now and very much interested to switch to TCMS V3. How should I transfer the data from TCMS V2 software into TCMS V3 safely?

A3:  We have prepared the Migration Wizard in TCMS V3 to migrate your TCMS V2 database into TCMS V3. Please note that the manually edited data in your TCMS V2’s attendance will not be migrated because the data migration only takes the raw clocking in your Audit list, and generate a new attendance sheet in TCMS V3.  You can follow these steps to migrate your database into TCMS V3:

a) Backup your TCMS V2 software, by following these steps: System Setting > Backup/Restore Database Files > Backup > Apply. Once done, you can get your database zip file in your TCMSv2 folder in your local drive. Note: You must make sure that you are using TCMS v2.2.027 to make the backup. If you are using an older version of TCMS v2, please first update your software to v2.2.027. The installer of TCMS v2.2.027 can be downloaded here 
b) Next, open TCMS V3, and run the Migration Wizard for FingerTec TCMS v2, as shown below.
c) Browse and select the TCMS v2 database .ZIP file that is located in your TCMSv2 folder, and click Upload. Follow the Wizard’s instruction until the migration process is complete. Once done, all your TCMS v2 data will be migrated into your TCMS v3 software, accordingly.

Q4: Can TCMS V3 be shared into multiple PCs so that multiple users can log in to the software?
A4: No, TCMS v3 is designed to be used in a single PC, and cannot be shared or installed in multiple PCs, as it may corrupt the database of the software, thus causing data loss. However, multiple user accounts with different roles can be created in the software. To do so, you can go to System Setting > System User > User Roles and User Accounts. 

Q5: Can TCMS v3 be configured to make automatic backups?
A5: Yes, you can set the daily backup timer for TCMS v3 by going to System Setting > Database Configuration > Set the time for automatic backup to run.

Q6: I have multiple branches that are using FingerTec’s Time Attendance devices. Can I connect all those remote devices to my TCMS v3, which is located at the Head Office?
A6: Yes, you can use Dynamic DNS or Port Forwarding to connect your remote devices to your TCMS V3. To connect devices that are using Dynamic DNS or Port Forwarding, you must check the “Quick Connect” when you add your devices.

Q7: Can I monitor user’s transactions in TCMS V3 on real-time basis?
A7: Yes, you can go to the Monitoring tab to view all the transactions that have been done at your terminal(s) on real-time basis. To ensure that Monitoring module runs properly, please make sure that the device’s connection with the software is stable.

Q8: I cannot access my device’s menu, as the previous administrator has resigned from our company. How do I reset the device to enter the device’s menu? Can it be done through TCMS V3?
A8: If your device is blocked by administrator’s privilege, resetting the device will not solve your problem. You just need to clear the administrator privilege in your device to access the menu. This can be done in TCMS V3 by going to Devices > Double-Click Device Name > Other > Clear Admin Privilege. Once done, you will be able to access the device menu, to register a new administrator.

Q9: I want to assign leaves to some users. How do I do that in TCMS v3?
A9: You can assign leaves to users by going to Scheduling & Attendance > User Duty Planner > Double-click User name > Edit > Right-click on the leave’s start date > Leave Type > Select Leave Type and Effective Date > Save.

Q10: How do I configure the Public Holidays in TCMS V3?
A10: You can assign the public holidays into your duty calendar by going to Scheduling & Attendance > Holiday List > Select Calendar or List View > Edit. There are two options to set the holidays, which are by using the Calendar View, or the List View.
If you are using the Calendar View, you can set the holiday by double-clicking on the holiday date on the calendar, then assign the Holiday Description and the effective date.

If you are using the List View, you can click on the Add button, and define the Holiday Description and its effective date.
Q11: What is the default username and password to login the TCMS V3 software?
A: You can refer to the following information for your login credentials on TCMS V3 software
Username: admin
Password: 123

Q12: For security purposes, I want to change the default password of TCMS V3 software. How do I do that?
A12: You may change the default login password by going to the TCMSv3 icon > Change Password > Change password box will be prompted out - fill in the password details > Click Update once you finished changing the password 
Old Password: 123
New Password: Fill in your new preferred password [ to increase the security: use at least 8 characters with capital letters and numbers]
Confirm Password: Reconfirm the new password

Q13: Why does Click to sync all device info message keeps popping up in TCMS V3?

A: Once you have made any changes in TCMS V3 software (e.g: edit users’ details, change device settings such change IP address, etc.), TCMSv3 will prompt out this message to inform the user to update the changes into the device(s) to complete the whole process.

Once you make any changes [eg: add user’s password] > Click to sync all device info message prompted out > Click Start Synchronize > Choose which devices to be updated with recent changes > Click Start Synchronize to update the changes

Q14:  It is very time consuming to update the details for each user one by one [e.g.: issuance date]. How can I maximize my task in handling the users’ update details?
A14: You can update multiple users’ details by using the Batch Update User option. You can refer below for options offered in Batch Update User tab: You may select the users by department or individual users > Select the options that you want to update by batch > Click Save
Department – To change the department of a group of users.
Issuance date – To change users’ issue date as it will be reflected on the attendance sheet.
Expiry date – Setting the expiry date of a group of users. The transaction data will not appear in the attendance sheet after the expiry date.
Suspended – You can suspend a group of users and block them from accessing the device.
Group Duty Roster – To change the Group Duty Roster of a group of users.

Q15: Can I add an Access Control Device into TCMS V3?
A15: For your information, TCMS V3 is a time attendance software and it is designed for time attendance devices. It does not support door access features and can only be used for time attendance solution. Hence it is recommended for you to activate your door access device in Ingress software, which is bundled with your Access Control devices, so that you can fully utilize the door access features. 


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