Removing the sound of alarm from H2i

Thursday, August 28, 2014 TimeTec 6 Comments

Our R&D have come out with a tool for H2i users to remove the sound of alarms with ease, as the H2i terminal does not come with a screen.

To download the tool, please click here.

*Please note that when this update is performed, the alarm will not be triggered in the event of:~

1.            Door Forced Open

2.            Failed verification after a certain number of time.

3.            Device being forcefully removed as such the tamper switch is released.


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Tips – Changing the Keylock 7700 Position

Thursday, August 28, 2014 TimeTec 1 Comments

Here are some tips on how you change the position of your Keylock 7700  either from left to the right or right to the left).

Step 1:
Change the handle position for the front side.

Step 2:
Change the handle position for back side.
Step 3:
Change the latch position.

Step 4:
Switch the screw to the opposite position.


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Resetting your MySQL database password

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 TimeTec 8 Comments

There may be instances in which you may not remember your password and this leaves you without the ability to access into your MySQL database. Now, you don’t need to worry about forgetting your password as we now offer you the option to reset and create a new password. Here are the steps that on how you can do so :

1.      Suspend the MySQL service under Windows Service.

Go into Control Panel > Select to view Small icon > Select Administrative Tools

Select Services

Select MySQL > Right click > Select Stop

2.   Next, create a TXT file with the content below

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('root') WHERE User='root';


            You can insert your new password to replace the root.
            Save the file into C drive with name MYSQL.txt

     3.    Run COMMAND PROMPT by using your administrator privilege

4.      Now, type the command below:

C:\>"C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\bin\mysqld.exe" --defaults-file="C:\Program Files\\MySQL\\MySQL Server 5.5\\my.ini" --init-file=C:\\MYSQL.txt

In case you install MySQL into Program Files (x86) folder, please make sure that you change the command as below:

C:\>"C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\bin\mysqld.exe" --defaults-file="C:\Program Files (x86)\\MySQL\\MySQL Server 5.5\\my.ini" --init-file=C:\\MYSQL.txt

5.      Go into Control Panel > Select Small icon view > Select Administrative Tools > Services > MySQL > Right click mouse to select Start service.


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Face ID 3 New Firmware

Monday, August 25, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

Previously, our Face ID terminal camera will automatically perform facial identification during the verification process and or in the situation when users can be detected within the vicinity of the terminal.

Responding to our customers’ feedback, our R&D team have come out with a new firmware enabling users the option to select whether they want the terminal to automatically perform face identification.

You can download the latest face ID 3 firmware here.

New Feature

In addition to that, we have also come up with a new feature for Face ID 3. This feature makes it compulsory for users to select any status key on the screen of the terminal (i.e. Check-in, OT-out, etc.) before switching on the camera for verification.

Go to Menu > System > Log Settings > Limit Face > Select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

If ‘Yes’ is selected, users must press the status key before verification in order for the camera function to be activated.

If ‘No’ is selected, the camera will automatically scan the users even though they are just merely passing by. However, this function will speed up the verification process as you do not need to press any key before verification.


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Release of FingerTec Data Processor (FTDP) v1.7.8

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 TimeTec 1 Comments

As our endeavour to serve you better, we have upgraded our FingerTec Data Processor (FTDP) to version 1.7.8. The arrival of the all-new FTDP comes with an additional feature in which it allows users to synchronize the time of their devices on a daily basis.

This feature allows you to set a specific time for terminal synchronization and as a result, all your FingerTec devices will be synchronized automatically when you have booted your computer.


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Release of Ingress v2.2.4.0

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

In this month’s update for Ingress, we have added 5 new features for Ingress users.

 5 New Features:

Viewing Employee’s Photo
1.      You can download and view an employees’ photo which was captured during the process of verification under Data Audit List. In order to do so, you must first check the Display Attendance Photo in Data Grid box. After that, the system will display the selected employee’s photo. Please note that only selected FingerTec models comes with this function.

Upload/Download Employee Photo
2.      You can now upload and download your employee’s photo. What will happen during this event is that during verification, the option to upload and download will appear. In the event that you have chosen to download the selected employee’s photo, it will then transfer the photo from the device and upload it into our Ingress software. Please note that this function is only available for FingerTec colour screen models.
Display Holiday on your Calendar
3.      With the new Ingress update, we have updated the calendar’s function to display holidays in Access Level Module as an effort to ease your configuration. You can find a similar function under the Attendance module too .
German is now available!
4.   Do you speak German? If yes, then we have some great news for you. Apart from the languages that Ingress currently support, we have now added German to the language selection list for the convenience of our German users.

Data Deletion
5.      Please note that Ingress will delete all your data when you choose to run ‘Initialize database’. Once data has been erased, this action cannot be reversed.
6 Errors fixed:
1.      Fixed the issue of transaction log download  from Ingressus I, II & IV controllers
2.      Fixed and modifed Ingressus I, II and IV controllers IP Address
3.      Fixed the issue of Add Device by URL/DNS issue
4.      Fixed the issue of Device Power On and Off upload time
5.      Fixed duplicate transaction log in Data Audit List
6.      Fixed the issue of data audit process after it has migrated from TCMSv2 Database


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The Flow of GPRS and the Amount of Data Consumed

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 TimeTec 1 Comments

Data consumption will occur when a GPRS enabled device connect to the software via a wireless connection. When data is transmitted via the GPRS connection, you will be charged accordingly depending on the telco services. Your data consumption rate will be measured based on the data plan and rate package that you have signed up with your telco provider and the GPRS service terms and conditions that they have stipulated.

From the legend provided below, you can check and refer at which step the data will be transmitted and the heaviness of the data in order to ensure that you will not be overcharged by your telco provider for heavy GPRS data usage.

Heavy Data Consumption
Light Data Consumption
Minimum Data Consumption

Firmware Download link
TA200Plus GPRS & Q2i GPRS:

During the 1st time Connection:                   

For Normal Verification and Downloading Operation


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FMM 100 Video Guide is Now Released

Friday, August 15, 2014 TimeTec 2 Comments

The FMM 100 new core board is loaded with 800MHz microprocessor, 128MB RAM and 256MB flash memory. With these new specifications, it allows the introduction of a new firmware with enhanced features to improve our products. For a start, we will introduce this FMM 100 core board in TA100C and AC100C series, the other colored models will be loaded with the new core board soon after. One major apparent change that you will see and experience will be the freshly designed icons when you access into the operation menu.
The video guide of the new firmware is now ready. The video guide will show you the new and existing functions of the terminal and simple ways to configure them step-by-step.
Click the following link to watch the Video Guide.


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