The New R2c

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FingerTec R2c

FingerTec Worldwide have launched their latest exit slave reader the R2c. The R2c works exclusively with the R2 to create a cost-effective entry-exit reader. Not containing any memory or processor, the R2c relies on the R2 to verify a fingerprint/card in order to unlock the door. The R2c is the very much improved version of R2i. Designed to enhance the R2i’s features, the R2c excels in various fields where the R2i lacks.

New Communication Cable RS485 Standard 
Previously using a customized communication cable (USB+RS232 standard) between the R2 and R2i, the all new R2c will be armed with a new improved RS485 wire which allows the R2 & R2c to cater for different installation environment. The RS485 wire can support a maximum 1000m of connection length, thus offering a huge range of installation prospects.

Algorithm BioBridge VX10.0 
Following the R2’s new hardware upgrade, the R2c can work with the fingerprint templates enrolled with the algorithm BioBridge VX10.0. The algorithm Biobridge VX10.0 offers a more sensitive and accurate reading of a fingerprint during enrolling and verification, as well as a quicker scanning speed. This will solve the problem of the R2i’s inconsistency in fingerprint scanning. However, the R2c is only compatible with the fingerprint templates enrolled with the algorithm Biobridge VX10.0. If the R2 is running with the fingerprint templates enrolled with the algorithm Biobridge VX9.0, the R2c will fail to verify and fingerprint scanning.

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New Repair Video for TA100C

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FingerTec Worldwide hosts a Technical Tips website exclusively for our resellers. End users do not have access to this website as the advanced information hosted in the website such as the firmware, training, hardware repair video guides and etc. are meant solely for our esteemed resellers. However resellers are required to register with us before accessing the website.

The hardware repair video guide archives the all the FingerTec models’ repair videos. We have categorized the videos by spare parts  and by models.

Now, FingerTec has added the TA100C into the repair video guide archive. If you need any additional guidance while repairing/changing the spare parts for TA100C, please email us at or contact us here.

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Antipassback Explained

Friday, August 17, 2012 TimeTec 6 Comments

Anti-Passback prevents users from tailgating through controlled areas by tracking the entry and exit counts. A user can only exit an area that they have already entered and can only enter an area that they previously exited. If a user tailgates onto a site, the exit keypad will deny them exit from the site because they are not logged into the area. If a user is onsite and tailgates off of the site, they will be denied entrance next time they try to enter. Anti-Passback is a function that should only be used on High Security sites where users can be trained on its use.

It is recommendable to install the slave terminal outside the premises while the master terminal at the inside. The aforementioned installation is to prevent the master terminal from any unnecessary access and also prolong its life span. The slave terminal is a lot cheaper and easier to replace if any mishap occurs.

The slave terminal will be recording all the IN transactions (In terminal) while the master is capturing the OUT transactions (Out terminal). The master terminal will record all the transaction logs with the terminal ID, hence there will not be any confusion which transaction is taken from which terminal. The administrator can identify which terminal the user uses to verify and also gain access in to or out of the premises. Please refer to the table below before you apply the antipassback settings.

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Fingerprint Templates Storage for Algorithm BioBridge VX9.0 and VX10.0

Friday, August 10, 2012 TimeTec 9 Comments

As you may already know, all our multimedia (Color Screen) models terminals are equipped with the FEM600 and above core board. The FEM600 and above core board can support both algorithm versions, BioBridge VX9.0 and VX10.0 when it comes to fingerprint templates. The algorithm BioBridge VX10.0 speeds up the fingerprint verification process of the terminal and it maximizes the fingerprint templates capacity to 10,000. 

However the fingerprint templates from algorithm BioBridge VX 10.0 cannot be mixed and matched with fingerprint templates from algorithm BioBridge VX9.0. Templates derived from BioBridge VX9.0 would prompt an error during verification if they were to be uploaded into a terminal with BioBridge VX 10.0, or vice versa.

When installing terminals that are having both versions of the algorithm, BioBridge VX 9.0 and BioBridge VX10.0 in the same environment, please downgrade the algorithm version of your all your terminals to VX 9.0. This is important to ensure that all terminals support the same format of fingerprint templates to avoid verification errors.

As mentioned above, the algorithm BioBridge VX 10.0 can support up to 10,000 fingerprint templates. Please be advised that once you switched the algorithm to BioBridge VX 9.0, the fingerprint template storage will be reduced to 3,000 only. However the transaction storage will not be affected and it will still be 200,000.

Please click here for more information about algorithm versions BioBridge VX9.0 and VX10.0 and how to inter switch the algorithms within the terminal.

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TCMS V2.2.022 New Release

Friday, August 03, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec has released a brand new update for the TCMS V2 software. In this Version 2.2.022 update, over 20 new functions and bug fixes have been integrated in the software. 

To download the update, click here.


1. New icons and advisors Icons have been rearranged according to their importance on the task bar. Users now can easilt perform the functions in the icons from left to right during the first-time setup of the TCMS V2.

The Advisor function has been updated to automatically bring you to the option immediately to ease your work flow. No idea where to start on the software? Follow the steps 1 to 7 and let the Advisor guide you through the steps. 

2. Changes in English language display Changes have been made in the English language of the software, using more user-friendly and laymen terms for easy understanding.

3. New changes to Gross Wages report and Job Cost Analysis Previously the Gross Wages report could only be generated monthly. Now we have added a new gross report for weekly reports. This feature is especially useful for companies that pay employees on a weekly basis.

Also new in the Gross wages report, are options to allow administrator to include “Total Work time”, “Total OT” or “Total leave hours” for each employee.

The Job Cost analysis report lets you show the rate per hour for every job done by employee.

4. Send reports via SMTP email. The TCMS V2 can be configured to send reports via your SMTP email after selecting the type of file. It supports SMTP email servers with an SSL connection.

5. Extension of employee number We have expand the Employee ID number from 12-digits to 14-digits for display and report printing. Now you can use a longer Employee ID.

6. 24-hour time format (for users in USA) Previously unavailable for the USA region, now the 24-hour time format has been activated and made available as an option for the USA.

7. Upload user photo to Face ID 2 You can now use this new version to upload user photos to the new Face ID 2 with FEM 800 core board.

8. Changes to exporting attendance details For those who are using the Job Cost option, you now can export Job Cost details (name of job done by employees) when exporting attendance details.

Thanks to the feedback from our customers and resellers, some bugs in the TCMS V2 was brought to our attention in the previous version. With the latest update, the bugs and errors below have been fixed:

Issues with Reports 
-Resolved Electronic Time card layout on 2 separate pages.
-Resolved page number issue in printing of Electronic Time card.
-Resolved Electronic Time Card issue with terminal ID selection.
-Does not print report of employees without work hours.
-Does not print “zero” for total hours in Weekly Attendance Listing.
-Remembers selection “Group by Departments” under Report.
-Resolved overlapped printing at the bottom of Detail Employee Time Sheet.
-Resolved Gross Wages Report for gross amount with hh:mm format.
-Resolved Terminal User List when saved to XLS file.

Issues with SMTP emails 
-Extended total characters of email address to become 250
-Resolved auto-email report schedule for the 1st day of pay period.
-Resolved repeated sending of SMTP email reporting.
-Proper date format for all auto-email reports
-Enhanced SMTP email error message reporting.

Issues with export attendance data 
-Resolved total short hours issue in export attendance summary.
-Resolved export attendance for flexi-schedule without overtime for hours worked.

Issues with Attendance viewing 
-Resolved slow response issue when saving not in-use job cost code.
-Resolved issue where attendance sheet does not display the tardiness of missing punch for OT/Done   columns

Other issues 
-Resolved problem to view user manual when using software
-Resolved username display issue under User Photos in Terminal multimedia management.
-Resolved bug under User Management to update employees for more than 100 terminals
-Resolved online software update bug
-Resolved add new user issue if sorting order is not in user id

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New TCMS V2 Error

Thursday, August 02, 2012 TimeTec 2 Comments

Recently our Technical Support team stumbled into a very unusual error with the TCMSV2 software. This error presents itself when you tick on a checkbox, such as in the Generate New Attendance window, and the software will automatically select all the other checkboxes instead.

The cause of this unusual behavior to the TCMSV2 software is the anti-virus software installed in the computer. The anti-virus software works by regularly scanning programs and files on the computer. If a potential threat is found, the program or file will be blocked from operation until you delete it or allow it to run. The TCMSV2 software in this case, although being a safe program, has appeared to the anti-virus software as a potential threat. Since the anti-virus software does not know that the TCMSV2 is safe, you will need to manually add it to the Exception List of your installed anti-virus programme. This will stop the anti-virus software from blocking and scanning the TCMSV2 software and mess with its operation.

Written by Vincent


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Comparison Between AdapTec Plus and New AdapTec Plus

Wednesday, August 01, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

The most noticeable difference between the 2 AdapTec Plus is the significant weight difference. Almost half the weight lighter compared to its predecessor, the new AdapTec Plus is able to support the NO setting for the door lock accessories such as door strikes and electromagnetic locks. It also has a brand new buzzer feature that works as an indicator every time a door is unlocked, or if there is too high a power input to the AdapTec Plus.

There are a few features that installers would find helpful as well, such as the LED light indicators. There are three LED lights in the AdapTec Plus that indicate to the user that the door lock is working, that the AdapTec processor is in good condition, and that the battery needs to be replaced.

For more information on the features of the new AdapTec Plus, click here.

Initiated by Pang
Written by Vincent


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