TCMS v2.2.027 Releases Is Here!

Monday, December 29, 2014 TimeTec 39 Comments

New features

1.      Supports FingerTec TA500

2.      Supports FingerTec R3

26 fine-tunes in 4 major modules

1.      Reports – Major adjustments done to display reports in Thai and Arabic languages. Minor adjustments done to produce reports for ease of viewing and printing.

a.      Leaves taken in Correction Report for Thai language.

b.      Report preview and PDF using Thai language.

c.       Report spacing when using Thai language.

d.      Report preview and PDF using Thai language.

e.      Arabic column alignment of Attendance Summary

f.        Export Weekly Time Card to PDF with 1 page of 2 users only.

g.      Export Attendance Summary Report & Attendance Summary to MS Excel for work and OT hours.

h.      Export Weekly Time Card to PDF with 1 page of 2 users only.

i.        Monthly Staff Duty roster save to PDF/XLS/CSV.

j.        Weekly Staff Duty Roster and Monthly Staff Duty Roster reports.

k.       Report scheduler issue.

l.        Print Employee Time Card Report for employee with empty attendance record.

m.    Attendance and statistics in same page on Electronic Time Card report.

n.      Gross Wages Report with different Hour Formats

o.      Export Attendance Summary Report & Attendance Summary to MS Excel.

2.      FTDP data sync – New improvement to synchronize data from TCMS to FTDP

a.      Update FTDP server username as Employee Name in Employee Management.

b.      Update username in FTDP server to Employee Name.

c.       Update additional user info and template from FTDP database server.

d.      Department issue after sync from FTDP database server management.

e.      Include department and employee no. for download from FTDP database server management.

3.      USB Data management – To improve data upload and download via USB flash disk  

a.      Extend username to 20-chars to upload to USB.

4.      Attendance calculation and viewing – Adjustments to provide better attendance calculation logics and data previewing.

a.      Flexi schedule with options to deduct late overtime from work hour.

b.      Remark column in Employee Time Card.

c.       Option to convert edited time as original clocking time.

d.      Add duplicate remark code.


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New features of TimeTec Cloud (December 2014)

Monday, December 29, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

We’ve added 4 new features into TimeTec Cloud.

1.       Improved the loading speed of Attendance page for faster viewing.

2.       Employees with Operator privileges can create new login with Operator privilege limited to specific branches, departments or sections.

3.       New UI to alert administrators to take action with the Request of Change.

 4.    System will notify administrators if the newly created user ID has been deleted before.   TimeTec Cloud does not allow duplicated user IDs even if it has been deleted from system.



We fixed 4 minor issues in this new release:
1.      “Last Sign In” date display in Hijiri format while Hijiri calendar is in use
2.       Date selection under Attendance module display in Hijiri format while Hijiri calendar is in use
3.       Do not allow creation of Remark or Work Code with number zero (0)
4.       Realign text display in Change Request Approval for different browsers in use.



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Friday, December 19, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

Because A Mere Second Could Pose Danger to Your Property

Security is an important aspect in every organization nowadays. Improper security measures may cause bigger problems such as robbery, data theft or even endanger the safety of a person. Even with the proper access control products installed, the security of a building may be compromised if the door is not closed properly after a person has entered the premises. Hence, it is an advantage when the access control device triggers the siren when the door is not shut properly.

As we all know, Fingertec’s standalone access-control devices are equipped with the function to trigger the internal or external alarm siren when the door is not closed within the pre-defined time.  However, not many know that the same can be done for Ingressus, via the Ingress software. Simply follow the steps below to activate the external siren for during the exit delay period. 

Alarm System Requirements

The requirement for this setup is a door, which has been installed with Ingressus that is paired with any of Fingertec’s slave devices and a door sensor.

Connect and Power Up The External Siren

First of all, you must connect an external siren to the Auxiliary output port at Ingressus.

Please note that Ingressus does not supply the power to the siren, hence an external power source will be needed to power-up the siren. The siren must be connected to NO and COM port of AUX output at Ingressus. Refer to below image for clarification.

Configuring the Door Sensor Type and Delay Time

Next, you will have to configure the door sensor type and delay time, so that the siren will be triggered when the door is not closed within the defined time. Simply follow these steps below in Ingress software

Doors > Select door name > Click “Edit” > Set “Lock Open Duration” to desired time > Set “Door Sensor Type” to “Normal Close” > Set “Door Sensor Delay” to desired time > Save > Sync to device

Setting Up The Fire Alarm Zone

After setting up the door, you will need to configure the Fire Alarm zone to trigger the Auxillary Output when Ingressus detects that the door has been left open exceeding the “Door Sensor Delay” time. Follow these steps below to configure the Fire Alarm Zone:

Zone (Ingressus) > Fire Alarm > Right Click > Add Zone > Rename to desired name > Right Click > Select device (Ingressus) > Click at device name > Click “Edit” > Tick at “Fire Alarm” > Set “Trigger Condition” to “Opening Timeout” > Set “Input Point Address” > Tick the desired output at “Output Point Address” > Set “Action Type” to “Open” > Set the “Delay” to desired value (The amount of time the siren triggers) > Tick “Stop alarm once door is closed” > Save > Sync to Device


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Shifting From Ingress MySQL to Ingress MS Access Made Easy

Friday, December 19, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

MySQL is known as one of the most powerful and inexpensive open-source relational database system in the world.  Whether you are a fast growing web property, technology ISV or large enterprise, MySQL can cost-effectively help you deliver high performance, extensive and scalable database applications that won’t break your bank. While plenty of users extoll the virtues and functionality of the MySQL database system, there still remains a small subset of users whom aren’t familiar with handling such a powerful database and have ran into problems while using Ingress Software MySQL.

For those who have been looking long and hard for a hassle-free, cut-and-dry solution to managing their database system, we are pleased to announce to all that we have finally found a solution.

Important: It is imperative to first back up your Ingress Software MySQL database in order to avoid any data loss before you proceed with the switch to Ingress Software MS Access
Backup your Ingress Software MySQL database

Refer to this link for more details on how to backup Ingress Software MySQL database.

Remove All Components of Ingress and Mysql Database from PC

After the Ingress MySQL backup is completed, you will need to remove all components of the Ingress Software and MySQL database from the PC by following the steps below:

1 - Uninstall Ingress Software & MySQL database from control panel.

2 - Delete the Ingress Folder located at C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec Worldwide\FingerTec Ingress.

3 - Delete the MySQL Folder located at C:\Program Files\MySQL 

4 - Delete the MySQL Folder at C:\ProgramData\MySQL 

Note: You will need to enable the option to show hidden folder in order to view this folder  


5 - Restart your PC to finish the installation.

6 – Now you can install the Ingress Software with Microsoft Access Database.


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GUI Device Status Monitoring Goes Live! Enable GUI Monitoring For Ingress and TimeTec Now!

Friday, December 19, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

In Ingress software, there are 2 types of GUI monitoring available:

1.       Run the Ingress server and administrator will see a list to display all devices and their status (connected or disconnected) in real time.

2.       Run the Monitoring page under Ingress software to see the status of every door and device (online or offline, together with graphical notifications) in real time.

In TimeTec Cloud, users can check the status of every device under Device page – Connected or Duration to show how long the devices have been disconnected from server.


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Ingress V3.0.0.20 Release

Wednesday, December 03, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

The new Ingress v3.0.0.20 carries 6 bug fixes as below.

1. Reset auxiliary output for Ingressus.
2. Auto re-connect Ingressus after restarting.
3. Reset Normal Open Time zone.
4. Auto resolve new dynamic DNS IP address during start-up.
5. Fixed login/logout error when network is not accessible.
6. Fixed report scheduler error to send report at xx.00 hour.

To download the installation file for Ingress v3.0.0.20 (MDB), click here.
To download the installation file for Ingress v3.0.0.20 (MySQL), click here.




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TCMS V2 Viewer Installation on Windows Server 2012

Monday, December 01, 2014 TimeTec 3 Comments

Vast usage of IT in corporations nowadays lead to the usage of the latest version of Windows Server, which is the Windows Server 2012. This server comes with some great new features as well as enhanced security.

By changing some settings in the Windows Server, users can now install TCMS V2 viewer and run it on this latest Server OS Version.

Follow the steps below for a hassle-free TCMS V2 Viewer Installation.

First Step: Installing the Webserver Components

1.       Turn on the Server Management and select Manage.
2.       Continue to the next step by clicking Next.
 3.       Select the ‘Web Server’ option and click next.
4.       Click Next and enable all the selections in this page. After that click Install.

Second Step: Installing The TCMS V2 Viewer

1.       Run the TCMS V2 installer by right clicking on it, and select Run administrator.

2.     Continue by clicking on Next to complete the installation. You will encounter an error at the
  end of the installation, and you can ignore this error.

Third Step: Section 3: Viewer Configuration setup:
       1.      At your internet browser, key in http://localhost/TCMSv2Viewer/ and you will encounter an
              error as per below.
2.     Paste the web.config file which you can obtain from the link below, to the following location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec\TCMSv2 Viewer.
       Download Web.Config from here.
3.     After that Press Start Button> Administrative tools> Internet Information Services IIS Manager.
4.    Click on Application Pools > Right click on TCMSv2App> Select Advance Setting.
5.     Change the settings as per below screenshot.
6.   After completing the above settings, press ok and go back to the TCMS V2 Viewer and refresh. You should be able to view the software page as per below. Next, insert the TCMS installation path on your computer into the box. Click Submit.
       Below is the TCMS path for Window Server 2012 64 bit
  “C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec WorldWide\TCMSv2        
One complete, the software will prompt a login page. Please insert the user name and password to access the TCMS viewer.
7.   If you encounter an error after keying in the User ID and password, go to the following path and look for the sys.dbf file.

C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec WorldWide\TCMSv2

8.   Right click on the sys.dbf and select properties.

9.     Press Edit at sys.dbf Properties Window and click Add to insert Everyone to the Object name and press OK.
         10.    Select allow for Everyone, click apply and OK to save all the settings. 

11.       Repeat Step 7- 10 for all the file errors below:


       12.       After completing the above steps, you should able to access the software without any



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