FingerTec R2 HID Reader: Now You Can Use Two Types of Card in One System!

Thursday, April 24, 2014 TimeTec 1 Comments

Now, the FingerTec R2 HID reader can be customised to read 2 types of HID cards in one system. No matter if you use HID 26-bit Prox II card or HID 34-bit PX-4-H card to report attendance or gain access, R2 HID can accept both. 

However, do not try this at your existing R2 HID because you need to update the firmware before the feature can be used.

This new development is definitely a good news for users who fancy R2 HID system. Due to  this flexibility, if they have adopted a card system before, it still can be used without having to invest in one type of card only.

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Changing Employee ID in TCMS V2 and FingerTec devices

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 TimeTec 38 Comments

There are cases where you need to change the IDs of your employees. For example, an employee that changes department, an employee who is transferred to other branch or an employee who gets promoted. 

TCMS V2 allows you to change the employee ID to match with your requirements. However, your need to make sure that the same changes are made in TCMS V2 AND the corresponding hardware to avoid any complications after the changes. Please perform complete data download from all devices to collect all transaction records before you start the process of changing any Employee ID.


Step 1: Download all transactions and users into TCMSv2 software.

Step 2: Delete the employee data (ID, fingerprint, face, password or card) from all devices. Go into TCMS v2 software > Employee Management > Delete Employee (Terminal) > Select employee to delete, example employee ID 30 > Select all data > Select devices to delete > Apply > OK to start to delete

Step 3: Perform a check at all devices to make sure the employee data was deleted from all the devices.
Go into Terminal User Control à Check employees > Download Employees > Apply > OK > Check the list to make user the old employee ID is no longer exist in all devices.

Step 4: Change employee ID under Employee tab

Go into TCMS V2 software > Employee tab > Change ID > OK > Insert old ID into the OLD column (for example 30) and new ID into the NEW column (for example 60) > Apply

Step 5: Update the employee credentials after you have changed the old ID to new ones in all devices
Go into TCMS v2 software > Employee Management > Upload Employee > Select the new employee ID, for example 60 > Select all data > Select devices to update > Apply > OK

While changing Employee ID in all devices are okay, an important thing to avoid is the mismatch of information between TCMS V2 and the hardware. 


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How to Prevent Buffer Overflow

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

Lack of TCMS V2 database maintenance will cause buffer overflow, which will trigger errors during data retrieval from Webster. When this happens, the software will not be able to display attendance data. If your attendance data are linked to payroll, the absence of the data will definitely disrupt payroll calculations. 

This problem is avoidable by simple maintenance of the software.

Open up the TCMS V2 software. Go to Devices Tab > Terminal Data Audit List. Check the total transaction at the bottom right of the ‘Clocking Data Audit List’ window. 

Once the total transaction passes the 8,000,000 mark, the data MUST be purged for the software to be able to retrieve data from Webster without any issue.

Backup the folder if necessary and purge your data by following the steps:
Click Delete button > Select which terminal you want to delete the data from > Select the duration of the data to be deleted > Click All.

Repeat the steps above for all readers until the data is cleared.



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Access for Employee to Check Own Attendance Records in TimeTec Cloud

Friday, April 18, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

Every employee could check attendance record in TimeTec Cloud, if he is given access by the administrator. Employee can login from anywhere that has an Internet connection to access his own records in TimeTec Cloud at

An administrator needs to do the following steps to allow employee this feature. Login to TimeTec Cloud Account à User module à User Account à Click Edit to make changes to the selected employee à Select Yes under Web Login à Submit to save settings.

The System Administrator also can check the last time an employee logged in to his TimeTec Cloud account. Go to User Module à User Account à Last Sign In column. From here you can tell the last sign-in details for audit trail. 


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No Special Characters or Symbol for Username in Ingress Allowed

Friday, April 18, 2014 TimeTec 6 Comments

Username is the short name being displayed on a device’s LCD after the device verified an employee successfully and the username will not appear on any slave readers that do not have any LCD.

However, do not take the Username matter lightly when you are using Ingressus controller. DO NOT apply any special characters or symbol to this Username column. Any characters or symbols will cause Ingress software fail to upload employee credentials to Ingressus.

Hence, stick to alphanumeric only when it comes to Username.


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New Firmware Update for R2’s FEM 565 - Opens Door from Software, Improves Data Transfer

Friday, April 11, 2014 TimeTec 5 Comments

Everytime an R2 verified an employee, it will output an encrypted 26-bit Wiegand code to AdapTec Plus. A successful verification code received by AdapTec Plus will cause it to unlock the door and a failed verification code will keep the doot shut.

However R2 cannot output any code to the AdapTec Plus if the administrator presses the virtual Door Open button from TCMS or Ingress software. Therefore, an administrator cannot unlock any door remotely from the software.

This firmware has been improved to allow another output code to be sent to AdapTec Plus to unlock door. Now an administrator can press the virtual Door Open button from FingerTec software to unlock door(s) remotely.

The new firmware also improves the rate of data transfer between R2 and TimeTec Web and Cloud. 

Download the firmware here 


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