The FMM 100 Core board : Now with New Firmware!

Thursday, July 31, 2014 TimeTec 8 Comments

FingerTec will be releasing its new core board FMM 100, which carries 800 MHz microprocessor and 128 MB of RAM, together with 256 MB flash memory. The improved hardware allows our R&D to build a new firmware which carries a lot more useful features.

However, the new core board and new firmware links up with our software perfectly and allow users transfer from all old devices. Thus, the new hardware and firmware can still work in the same ecosystem perfectly.

Apart from retaining the existing features of our firmware, we will also be adding more powerful features to enhance the firmware’s accessibility. Here are some of the features:

1. The quality of graphics for the main screen during standby has been enhanced. 


2. The new design icons when you access into operation menu.

3. The User Role feature allows you to create a secondary administrator. You can control his/her access to specific modules and features in the device. There are total 3 different user roles that you can configure. You can assign specific roles to him/her as secondary administrator.

4. The new firmware allows you to backup or restore its data (user information, setup parameters and transaction logs) into its internal memory or USB flash disk. You no longer need to worry about the data stored in the device if you wish to reset and everything back to default settings.

5. The attendance data downloads into USB flash disk is encrypted to avoid users to amend the data. You can only load the data into TCMS v2 or Ingress software to process attendance. However in the new firmware, you can set the device not to apply any encryption to the attendance data download into USB flash disk. You can use the attendance data with your own software to process calculation. Please take note, you must apply the encryption if you want to use attendance data in USB flash disk with TCMS v2 and Ingress software.

You can now configure the settings so device can delete the old attendance data after the download into USB process. You do not need to clear the storage everytime after download into USB flash disk. 



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TCMS v2.2.026 Software Releases

Thursday, July 31, 2014 TimeTec 7 Comments

1 New Features

Connection is now allowed for TA100C and AC100C to transfer data by using the USB cable.

  12 features that are fine-tuned

1.               The Employee Time Card will now be displayed in a bigger font size.
2.                Attendance data export format has been modified to work with Attaché payroll (For  Australia only)

3.                  Enhanced schedule code selection popup in Group Duty Roster.
             4.               Detected and displayed the model name TA100 or TA100C during software activation.
   5.               Added data field Lateness Hours when exporting to UBS payroll (For Malaysia only) 

6.            The revised reports will now display work hours in different time formats.
             7.             Apart from that, the software trial period have been limited to 1 month (30 days)
             8.             A new Total Work Time has been added to display time duration between first in and
                         last out as Work Time. (For US only)

9.            The Job Cost Analysis report has been revised in landscape.

           10.           The term Supervisor privilege is now changed to SuperAdmin.

            11.              The option to hide terminated users have been added in the Weekly staff roster

12.           We have also made improvements enabling users to download two face templates from Face ID models
22 Errors fixed

Apart from that we have also addressed the errors that were found. Here’s the list of what we have fixed:

1.      The group time zone has been updated in R2.
       2.      Attendance records of employee with absent status for open schedule can now be e

3.      Attendance data to UBS payroll can now be posted.
4.      Time format while displaying total working hours in Gross Wages report.
       5.      Date time format in Terminal Transaction Listing report.
       6.      Report to print in hh:mm format.
       7.      No extra gaps while saving Name list to PDF
       8.      The colour of the printing to turn red for late-in for electronic time card.
       9.      Export employee ID option for Attaché payroll.
     10.      Auto send report in XLS-Data format.
     11.      Total work time in Electronic time card and Attendance Summary.
     12.       Save reports into XLS single file with multiple pages.
     13.       Save reports with large data size into XLS.
14.       Delete PC Employee (PC) face template.
     15.       Change ID under data audit list.
     16.       Export attendance data into XLS format with employee no. header as 'empno'
     17.       Post to MYOB payroll format.
     18.       Export attendance summary of total late hour in proper hour minute format.
     19.       Weekly Staff Duty Roster with proper weekday column heading.
     20.       Export number of leave taken in detail and summary.
     21.       Group duty roster for new calendar year.
     22.       Export to XLS format with selected language column header.


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The Release of Ingress v2.2.2.2

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec R&D will be releasing the latest version of Ingress software, version You can acquire the latest version of Ingress by either updating online or downloading the new installation file from


There will be 3 new exciting features which includes:

1.      Ingress can now support Ingressus 4, the new 4-doors access controller.

2.      Ingress will be supporting the function of attendance data export and it is compatible with 11 different payroll systems available in the US market.

3.   Ingress will be supporting the new migration tool, allowing you to migrate your TCMS v2 database into Ingress software. For more details, just visit this link to learn more about the new features available for Ingress :


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New Firmware Update for Kadex and R2

Friday, July 25, 2014 TimeTec 4 Comments

Previously, it was reported that it would be a delay in door release when the card was produced in front of the R2 and  Kadex terminal.  

FingerTec has released the new firmware for both R2 and Kadex to solve this issue. 

You can now download the Kadex's & R2’s latest firmware here.


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New features Into new Ingress v2.2.2.2 - Migrating your TCMS data into Ingress

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

The new Ingress software (version allows you to migrate data from your TCMS v2 software into it. The types of data to can be migrated are as below:

- User (user info, fingerprint and face templates)
- Department
- Schedule
- Group Duty Roster
- Leave types
- Remark
- Holiday
- Device
- Audit Data (Current year data only)
- System Setting(day type wages, Time format, hour format, date format, payroll cycle, first day of
   week, payroll start date, currency symbol)

Before starting the migration process, please make sure you download users data and transaction logs from all FingerTec devices. Now, you can prepare the database backup file by using TCMS v2 software.

Run Ingress software and select Migration Wizard. Select to read the TCMS backup ZIP file. Press Upload to proceed.  

Next, you can select the types of data to import into Ingress.

-         Check every checkbox to include the data to import.
      -          Select either “(TCMS v2) Department under (TCMS v2) Section” or “(TCMS v2) Section under 
              (TCMS v2) Department” according to your company hierarchy.

      -          Select the employees to import into Ingress. In the situation that the employee is no longer
              working in the company, you will have the option to ignore he/she.

      -          Click Import Selected

The process is now complete.

Now, you can check into the User Profile and Attendance tabs to see the effect.  

Stay tuned as we will be making an announcement on the launch of Ingress v2.2.1.8 soon!


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Using BioBridge SDK to collect events from multiple FingerTec Devices

Monday, July 21, 2014 TimeTec 6 Comments

For multiple device control with event option, please add the following ActiveX control into your project. It can be found at: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\BioBridgeEventSDK.ocx

In the situation that the ActiveX control could not be found, you can always login to to download the sample.




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TimeTec Cloud User Video Guide is Now Released

Monday, July 21, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

For the uninitiated, TimeTec Cloud is our widely-acclaimed cloud-based time & attendance solution created by placing the priority of an organization’s need for a convenient system in mind. TimeTec Cloud aims to reduce costly administrative overheads by eliminating manual timecard calculations. Apart from that, TimeTec Cloud also plays an active role in minimizing support and labor costs as storage of all data from your terminals is managed, maintained, and monitored by our TimeTec Cloud servers.

Now, we have incorporated the TimeTec Cloud video guide into the software for the benefit of users so that configuration TimeTec Cloud and using the software can now be done without any hassle.

With this video guide, you can find all the basic functions of TimeTec Cloud and simple ways to configure it on a step-by-step basis.

In order to view our video guide page, just click on the following link.


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