Adding FingerTec devices into your TimeTec Cloud account

Friday, June 27, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

Before connecting your FingerTec devices into the TimeTec TA account, kindly check the following:

1. The device has already been updated with TimeTec firmware. Go into Menu > Communication Option > Webserver
Please request for the firmware from your reseller if you cannot find the Webserver option under Communication Option

2. Ensure that the connection settings are correctly adjusted in the device. Go into Menu > Communication Option > Set IP address, gateway and subnet mask > Save your settings.

Next, go into Menu > Communication Option > Webserver > Set TimeTec TA server IP (which is available on the top of  Device page) > Key In the port (80 for old devices, 90 for TA100C FMM, AC100C FMM and Face ID terminals).

Now, login to TimeTec TA account. Go to Device to select FingerTec Terminal. You can start adding your FingerTec devices. Click Add to start.

1. Insert the serial number of the device
2. Hit the TAB button on keyboard and the system will begin to check connection to the device. The model display automatically if device connects to server. Check the connection settings and firmware of your device if model does not display.
3. Key in the Terminal ID.
4. Select the Terminal Group.
5. You can name the Location where the device is installed.
6. Select the UTC time zone that device installs at.
7. Save the settings.

Now you will see the new added device appear on list. However, you will have to take note of the following:
-     If there is no checkbox available for the device, it means the device has not been connected to TimeTec TA yet, nor it is activated. Click Edit to re-configure the connection and to insert the product and activation key.
- The Connection Status column shows the whether the device has lost it’s connection (indicated with red circle) to server or still active (indicated with green circle).


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Utilising My Dashboard in TimeTec Cloud

Thursday, June 26, 2014 TimeTec 1 Comments

The My Dashboard in TimeTec Cloud projects the workforce performance of your company in the form of graphs and charts. Organization leaders and human resource managers can review attendance of individual staff to know those are doing good, and those with repeat cases of tardiness as well.

Click Home to select My Dashboard and this will be screen that you see. You can select specific date range so TimeTec Cloud recalculate the analysis.

There are a total 6 sections to display lists, charts and graph at the My Dashboard page. You can add a new section by clicking the dropdown menu near My Dashboard.

Check the checkboxes if you want to add this to the dashboard.
You can opt to view details of specific sections by selecting View/Print. To remove these unwanted or irrelevant sections, click Delete.
You can arrange the sections accordingly by dragging and dropping each of them.


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Time attendance features in Ingress

Thursday, June 26, 2014 TimeTec 9 Comments

Ingress is FingerTec’s most recently developed software for access control. At the early beginning, it showcases a number of access control options which can be used with FingerTec access control models. During the release of Ingress v2.2.0.0, we have included many time attendance options into the software. It may be frequently compared to our TCMS v2 software, but between softwares, Ingress wins in terms of function.

You can find some of the highlights regarding to Ingress software at the paragraph below. We encourage current TCMS v2 users to shift to Ingress so that they can experience the benefits of this new software. In the future, for any new requests or customisation, it will only be exclusively included into Ingress software only.

1.      The all-in-one and comprehensive UI.

You will need to go into different pages to configure schedules, roster, leaves etc if you are using TCMS v2 software. Ingress software allows you to set all under same page. You can find the settings of clocking schedules, group duty roster, duty planner, holiday list, leave type, remark and data audit list in the panel bar. You can even view attendance records in the same window.

2.    The settings of Clocking Schedules and the options.

TCMS v2 carries many useful settings and options to process attendance calculations. It supports normal working time, overnight working, shifts, open schedule and even flexi working hours. In addition to that, we have also included a number of special requests from other countries into the software. This in turn have lead TCMS v2 to a faster growth beyond our expectations.
For Ingress software, we migrated all options and settings from TCMS v2 into it. You will find the option at the same page as you would find it in TCMS v2. For example:
The weekly schedule and its setup page. This is same as TCMS v2 UI and better organised.

Every option from TCMS v2 are here in Ingress.

The most complicated options for flexi schedule are migrated to Ingress too.

3.      The handling of Group Duty Roster and employees
For users of TCMS v2 software, you will always need to go into Employee page to assign employees into group duty roster.  Also, you would have to assign employees into their roster one-by-one making the process slow and time consuming. You don’t even have a page that you can view to see who is assigned under the same roster.

Ingress offers you a more user-friendly interface and allows you to view employees in every roster. You can select multiple employees to be assigned under a group duty roster.

4.     Exporting data and linkage with payroll
TCMS v2 software exports attendance data into different format (TXT, XLS, VFP or ODBC) for payroll or 3rd party software to process. You can configure and arrange the required data fields to make it a template for exporting. The data can be categorised into day-by-day or summary records.
The process is made even easier in Ingress as opposed to TCMS v2. You can use the same configuration to receive the same data files. The export UI is more comprehensive and well organised.

5.    The reports
TCMS v2 offers a wide range of reports to analyse attendance and staff movement. All of these reports are available in Ingress software. Sample reports are also integrated into the Ingress software to allow administrator to view them with ease before printing it out.
TCMS v2 comes with the function to schedule and send reports automatically via SMTP email server.

6.    Multilevel access
TCMS v2 software is a single user windows based application. It does not support multi administrators to login. In some cases, administrators share the software within network to allow other administrators to access its folder. This will cause the database to be corrupted easily.
Ingress uses MySQL as its database and it is designed as server-client software. You can install Ingress into a server and multiple clients at different PC. Every administrator has an individual username and password to login to use the software. The super administrator can limit the access of every secondary administrator. For example, secondary administrators are allowed to view attendance only but do have the access to edit it etc.


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Utilising Ingress to monitor movement and activities

Monday, June 16, 2014 TimeTec 3 Comments

Monitoring employees heading in and out of an organisation is always a great concern of any security software.  Head on to any security control room and you will find that one of the permanent features of this room would be multiple LCD monitors installed inside along with security officers assigned to keep an eye to their screen. These screens are used to track and monitor incidents such as who has just entered or exited the premise, the door’s status, status of the devices and more.

In some companies, IP cameras are installed to monitor each door’s activity. Normally there is an NVR software (network video recorder) which function is to record the video captured by the IP camera. Security officers need to operate the NVR software in case of playback and monitoring.

You can use Ingress software as an all-encompassing access control monitoring platform. In order to setup the monitor, first of all, you must connect to all FingerTec devices that is listed under the Device page.
Next, you must pair the devices with the door accordingly under the Door page. You will have a clear view of the available doors and devices. Choose a door to setup.
You will then be able to see the complete list of locations that you wish to track under the monitoring view under Monitoring page.
In the case of special events such as the door is opened by force or the door is not closed properly, Ingress will display the records with a different color to attract the security officer’s attention.
You can setup the monitoring function by using floor map to get a better overview. Select the floor maps and insert it into the Ingress software under the Visual Map page. You can drag and drop the doors to the maps accordingly.
You can setup multiple floor maps and view them in individual windows. This action is best applied for those who have multiple LCD display monitors.
Customers will always demand real time visual monitoring at every spot or entrance/exit. As a result, they will usually install an IP camera and link it up with their NVR software. You can use Ingress to link up with the Milestone NVR software to get live video streaming and playback. This will be useful to security officers as they will no longer need to operate 2 different software when they are on duty.

You can pair the IP camera (listed in your Milestone server) to doors under Door page.
In addition to that, you can now stream the live video from the IP camera during monitoring.
And in the case of unusual incidents, you will find a camera icon appearing in the records
Double click at the camera icon and Ingress will playback the video (5 minutes before and after) from your Milestone server
The video can be exported into other forms of digital format and it can then be send to other parties for further viewing and investigation. 


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