Managing Holiday for Different Department/Branch in TimeTec TA & Leave

Thursday, March 23, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

Please note that the information and images below refer to TimeTec TA software. However, this particular module/ feature is also available in TimeTec Leave with the same rules and functionality, hence you can use this as reference for both softwares.

There are a wide variety of holidays around the world, and different organizations might have different holidays for different departments or branches.  TimeTec TA allows you to configure holidays based on your organization structure (department/branch) that you have created. With this, company will have more flexibility in managing holidays for each department/branch.

Management has the option to configure holidays based on organization structure or by Group Duty Roster.

This feature is especially useful when you have different departments/branches using the same Group Duty Roster, but each department/branch have different sets of holiday.

Below are the steps on how to manage holidays according to Organization Structure.
1.  First, and most importantly, ensure that you have set your Organization Structure and assign users under each department/branch. Go to Company > Organization Structure to set.

2.  Next, add the holiday for the department/branch. Go to Schedule > Holiday > Select
      department/branch > Submit. Select the date and enter the holiday name > Submit.

3.  Once you have submitted, the holiday will appear in the selected department/branch’s roster.

4.  Changes that you have made in step 3 and step 4 will not affect on other department/branch roster even if they are using the same Group Duty Roster.

That’s it! You are done. Scheduling is now easier with TimeTec TA!


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Managing and Editing Leave Day using Ingress and TCMS V3

Thursday, March 23, 2017 TimeTec 8 Comments

Leave Day in Ingress and TCMS V3 can be added or edited either before or after an employee takes his/her leave. In this article we will discuss how to manage and edit Leave Day for each employee from the User Duty Planner or by using the Import Leave function.

This feature allows Admin to manage employees’ leave easily via 2 simple ways, where Admin can edit leave individually or in bulk.

Remark: Please make sure your Leave Type is up-to-date. Go to Attendance tab > select Leave Type > Click ‘Update’ to update the existing Leave Type name or click ‘Add’ to add new Leave Type > Click ‘Save’ to keep the changes.

1. Edit or Add Leave Day Manually from User Duty Planner
a) To edit or add Leave Day manually from the employee roster, go to Attendance tab > User Duty
      Planner > select User.
b) From the employee roster, click Edit > select the Date > Right click >  select Leave Type.
c) Then select the Leave Type from the list, update the Leave Hour and set the Effective Date and
d) System will update the roster and you must Generate the Attendance Sheet before you can view
       the Leave Day updated in the Attendance record.

2. Import Leave from Text or Excel File
a) Go to Attendance tab > select Attendance Sheet > click Edit > click Import Leave.
b) To import the file, please make sure your file format is the same as our sample file. Sample files
      can be viewed here:
i) TXT format :
ii) Excel format :
c) Next, select the file you have created and click the Import button.

d) Once the Import process has finished, you will be able to see the updated Leave Day in the
      Remark column inside the Attendance Sheet.


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Import Roster from Excel or Text File Easily in Ingress & TCMS V3

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Group duty roster, also known as the annual working calendar, categorizes group of users that follow the same working rules.

There are two ways to configure the roster:
1. Using Auto Schedule feature
2. Import Roster from File

While the first method has been widely used since the implementation of our Time Attendance software, this article will introduce the second method to configure Group Duty Roster in Ingress & TCMSV3.

This feature offers an alternative method to easily configure Group Duty Roster by importing roster from a file into TCMS V3 or Ingress.

1. To import a roster, select a roster or create a new roster at Group Duty Roster under Scheduling & Attendance module. Click Edit > Import Roster

2. The formats supported are Excel File (.xls) and Text File (.txt). Refer to the sample files to configure the file layout.

3. Click Browse to select your file. The roster will be displayed for you to confirm before Importing.

4. Click ‘Import’ to proceed and your new imported roster will reflect at the Group Duty Roster.

5. Select ‘Remind me if there is schedule that does not exist in TCMS V3’ option to allow system to check the clocking schedule in the roster. In case the newly imported roster has a clocking schedule that hasn’t been created, the software will prompt you to create a new schedule accordingly.


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Auto Generate Report to a Specific Path using Report Scheduler in Ingress and TCMS V3

Thursday, March 23, 2017 TimeTec 2 Comments

Ingress and TCMS V3 offer a new feature in the software, where you can configure the report scheduler export path. You can set the report to be sent out and exported automatically into your preferred folder without the need to generate files individually.

This feature provides flexibility in terms of report management, where you can have bulk export report automatically delivered to a folder on your network at a specific schedule.

1) Firstly, you need to configure your email account in Ingress/TCMS V3. Go to System Settings > Email > Edit > Edit Email Configuration > Save > Click Test Account Settings.

 2) You will receive an email notification as shown below

3) Go to System Settings > Report > Report scheduler export path > browse location to keep the report [configure your preferred folder]

4) Go to the Report tab > configure the report based on your requirements > click Run.

5) Ingress/TCMS V3 will send two reports for the first time.
The first report will be sent when you clicked Run button.
Second report will be sent based on the time that you had configured in the Report Scheduler settings.
Ingress/TCMS V3 software will generate the report at the specified report folder that you had configured, before it sends to your email.

Report folder – C:\Users\Husna\Desktop\TEST REPORT

6) You will also receive a copy of the report in your email account.

Report Scheduler is not working as per settings? Follow the steps below to troubleshoot.

a) Main configuration: It’s important to ensure that all services; database, attendance service, etc, are running smoothly. If the Report Schedule is not working, it’s recommended that you restart all the services again to trigger the scheduler process properly.
Ingress MySQL:
To restart MySQL, Ingress service and Attendance service: Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > restart MySQL, Ingress Services and Attendance Service
Ingress MDB:
To restart Ingress service and Attendance service: Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > restart Ingress Services and Attendance Service
To restart TCMSv3 service: Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > restart TCMS v3 Service

b) Once restarted, click Run in the Report Scheduler settings to trigger the scheduling process again.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017 TimeTec 3 Comments

FingerTec are constantly making enhancements and upgrading all our systems to provide the best solutions possible to our valued customers. With that, we are pleased to inform you about our recent Ingress software update, version with 11 added features, enhancements and fixed bugs. 

Below are the new upgrades: 

1. Added new FingerTec Cloud Center (FCC) migration feature

FCC is a web platform to store all FingerTec terminals' information and data securely on our cloud server. In the latest release, the FCC Migration Wizard feature has been made more user-friendly, as users can now login to their FCC account directly from the wizard. The new migration wizard also provides a more comprehensive data selection, FingerTec Device, User and Transaction Logs. 

Prior to the migration, user will need to get the Username and Password by login to > click the “Username” at the right upper corner of the window > User Profile > scroll to the bottom “Ingress / TCMS v3 Login Detail” for the Login Username and Password. 

2. Added Database T&C

Read our terms and conditions on database manipulation.

3. Added new tab in Monitoring, User Monitoring to display the last 8 verified user

A new User Monitoring tab has been added in this version where you will be able to view the latest user activity. This section will display the 8 latest verified users information with user picture, user ID and door name. This option is available at Monitoring > User Monitoring.

4. Added OFIS TA filter option for OFIS TA in Monitoring Log List selection

A new filter option, OFIS TA Records has been added in the Monitoring > Log List to enable user to include OFIS TA records in the log search. Check on the option to include OFIS TA records in the search process. 

5.  Added the following fields in Batch Update User; Designation, Privilege, Gender, Pay Class, Pay Type, and Pay Rate

6.  Added Search function in Device Module

7. Added "Group by Dept" and "Incomplete Entry - Exit pair", in Entry-Exit Transaction Listing Report

User can now group the entry-exit transaction listing either by Department (Group by Dept) or list the incomplete entry-exit pair only (Incomplete Entry - Exit pair). 

8.  Added "Work Code Description" option in Export Audit Data

9. Added option to split Terminal ID into new column when export Attendance Data

To enable this option, go to Attendance > Attendance Sheet > Export > Export Attendance Sheet > Details > Template Configuration > Select the template

Tick the “Split terminal ID into new column” option to enable. Please make sure to tick “Add terminal ID before transaction log” and “Add terminal ID after transaction log” before enabling this option. 

Example; IN = 09:00, OUT = 18:00
By default export data will be 09:0008, 18:0008
If you tick the option, data will be 09:00 08, 18:00 08

10. Added Total Absent column in Export Attendance Summary

11. Write "TIMING" file when download transaction log after delete

When “Remove transaction log after download” is ticked during auto download or download the transaction manually, transaction logs inside the terminal will be deleted, however the system will create an auto-backup file at 

Auto Download Transaction path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec WorldWide\FingerTec Ingress\Ingress Server\TIMING\TIMING.17, storing all the transaction logs downloaded as shown at picture below. 

Manual Download Transaction path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec WorldWide\FingerTec Ingress\Ingress\TIMING\TIMING.17, storing all the transaction logs downloaded as shown at picture below. 

To import the clocking data to Ingress again, select the path of TIMING and click download.

12. Enhanced Fire Alarm Zone to trigger open selected door when Auxiliary Input Shorted

Users can now select the doors controlled by Ingressus to open simultaneously when alarm is triggered. Set this option at Devices > Fire Alarm. 

13.  Enhanced Import User from USB and Export User to USB mechanism 
The mechanism of USB data management has been enhanced for a better data transfer.

14.  Changed "Error Times to Alarm" selection range to 0~9

15.   Remove Leave Summary in Detailed ETC Report


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Effective Overtime Approval with TimeTec TA

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This post was originally published in March 2017 and was updated in October 2018.

Note: In August 2018, we enhanced Overtime approval by adding an 'Attachment' function for employees to attach relevant documents (in pdf or images) to support their overtime request. 

Overtime Approval processes can be complicated sometimes, especially when it requires more than one approver. Based on a company’s policy, Overtime Approvals can be made before or after the overtime shift itself. Normally, Overtime Approvals are requested manually by submitting printed application forms to managers.  

TimeTec improves the Overtime Approval process by permitting an admin to setup Overtime Approval rules and send notifications on Overtime Request Status automatically to employees who requested the overtime. This feature speeds up the whole overtime approval process and everything is done accurately based on the set rules.  
Here’s how TimeTec TA automate your Overtime Approval process:
Example - An employee applies for Overtime in advance, schedule allowed for OT request is as below:

Set the Overtime Rules. Go to User > Manage Approval Rules > Add
1. Set Users
Name the Approval Process. Select the application where the approval process will take effect, in this case, TimeTec TA and select Overtime Request. Select the users to apply this approval rules. 

2. Set the criteria to initiate the process. 
Based on the rules above, select the information accordingly.

3. Set the approval process and approvers
You can set Auto Approve for automatic approval, or select Set Approvers if you need specific personnel to do the approval process. Select ‘Set Approvers’ to set the approval process either by sequential, random or any number of approvers. Select the approver name to proceed. For this scenario, let’s set for ‘Sequential’. Click ‘Add Approvers’ and select ‘Based on System Roles’ or ‘User’ and put the approval sequence accordingly. 

4. Set the validity period for the application
You can set the application validity period for the approvers to respond. For example, 5 days. Application that has not been approved within 5 days will expire.

Once you have submitted, you will see the approval rules has been added in and will be initiated on the effective date. 

Once the approval rules have been set, users can start applying for Overtime via TimeTec TA. Requests can be made from the Approval section or from Roster.

Select the date and time for the overtime and provide the reason. You can also attach a relevant document (in pdf or images format) when are applying for Overtime approval. Click Browse, select the file, then Submit.

User will be notified via mobile notification once the overtime has been approved. 

1. Go to Approval to view any New requests. Click at the Status to view the request details.

2. To approve or reject, insert your comment and click on the approve or reject button. Select ‘Only disclose to approvers’ to limit the comment view to approvers only. Otherwise, both approvers and applicants can see the comment. Where available, you can also download and view the attachment.

We hope you will find this newly added approval features beneficial and improves your overtime management. We will be enhancing the approval feature with more functions such as attendance editing approval and swap shift, so stay tune with us at TimeTec.

For users of TimeTec TA mobile App, please refer here for additional guidance.


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