An Option to Connect an AC240V Siren with a FingerTec Device

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 TimeTec 3 Comments

The siren output signal from a FingerTec device is known as a dry contact and this basically means that the signal is not initially connected to a voltage source. It can also be referred to as a secondary set of contacts of a relay circuit, which does not make or break the primary current that is being controlled by the relay. Selected FingerTec devices that come with a siren include TA100C, AC100C, TimeLine 100 and other time attendance systems.

Previous installations to connect a siren with a FingerTec device could only support DC12V sirens. Now, AC240V sirens, which emits a louder sound compared to the DC12V siren, can be used in the installation provided that the relay used to control a circuit between the FingerTec device and siren supports the appropriate voltage. A power supply, such as AdapTec Plus for example, is required and must also be compatible with the relay in order for the connection to be successful.

The following installation diagram will guide you on connecting a FingerTec device to an AC240V siren with the use of a relay board and power supply.

With this in place, there is now an option provided for you to select the siren that suits your implementation better, be it a DC12V or AC240V siren.


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Face ID 4 Repair Videos – Facing and Fixing Issues with Your Terminals

Monday, March 24, 2014 TimeTec 30 Comments

A series of Face ID 4 repair videos are now available for our resellers’ convenience! Each video is less than five minutes long and contains thorough guides on replacing faulty parts of the face recognition terminal with new ones. These guides include changing the terminal’s core board, camera module, infrared LED panels, RFID antenna and more. Any issues you may face with your Face ID 4’s parts can now be straightened out through these comprehensive videos!

Click here to log in to the FingerTec Technical Tips website and go to the Repairing Video Clips page located at the side bar. Click on the By Models tab followed by Face ID 4/4d to view each of the available repair videos. For further assistance, kindly email our Support Team at


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The Troubleshooting Guide for Keylock 7700 is Now Available!

Monday, March 24, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

For the benefits of our resellers, we have recently prepared a troubleshooting guide for our mechanical door lock unit, Keylock 7700! You may encounter some issues, such as a faulty keypad, the absence of light on the scanner and being unable to enrol a card at the door lock. However, with this extensive troubleshooting guide, you can lock all your troubles away and allow your Keylock 7700 to secure your premises as firmly as it was meant to.

The troubleshooting guide can be accessed at the FingerTec Technical Tips website. Log in to the website by clicking here and head on to the Troubleshooting page located at the side bar. The guide for Keylock 7700 is found under Fingerprint Door Lock. For additional guidance, kindly email our Support Team at


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Ensuring a Successful Connection by Checking Your Communication Port on Your PC

Thursday, March 20, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

There are various ways where you can activate a FingerTec terminal in TCMS V2 and one of them is via communication ports by using the two serial connections compatible with the software, RS232 and RS485. The user can set up to 20 communication ports in TCMS V2 and to connect the FingerTec terminals to the software, they must select the appropriate communication port to ensure a successful connection.


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Linking Up the FTDP Access Database and MSSQL 2012 Server Database for Ease of Integration

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 TimeTec 3 Comments

The FingerTec Database Processer (FTDP) helps to manage and manipulate users, fingerprints, logs and readers information in order for customers to connect FingerTec terminals to a third-party system. Transaction logs from FingerTec terminals are stored in a database server, either MySQL or MSSQL, for software developers or system integrators to utilize the database server to work with their application development. The following guide will assist you in linking up the FTDP access database and the server database for MSSQL 2012.


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TCMS V2 – Sending Reports Automatically

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 TimeTec 47 Comments

As a software developed for centralizing and managing time attendance data, TCMS V2 boasts powerful features that can be used for automating time attendance tracking. One of these features is to configure the software to automatically send specific reports, such as sending electronic time cards of all employees to every manager on the first of every month. These reports will be delivered as emails via an SMTP email server.

Before proceeding with the following steps, you will need to download the patch file, TCMSV2ReportSchedular, and save it into the TCMSv2 folder.


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TimeTec Cloud – Assigning Usernames

Friday, March 14, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec devices that come with a screen are able to display an employee’s name and ID number on the screen after verification of the employee is successful. This will also allow employees to review the date and time of their attendance at the device. The name that is displayed is a unique username that belongs to an employee and the device’s administrator is allowed to configure the employee's username in User Identity under TimeTec Cloud's User module.

In order for the administrator to assign a username for the employees, they must abide by two simple rules:


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Support TimeTec TA SDK

Wednesday, March 05, 2014 TimeTec 3 Comments

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based time and attendance system suitable for small-medium enterprises up to large multinational companies. Its automated attendance database can be used to integrate with payroll or HR software to increase staff’s efficiency with the use of our free SDK. TimeTec TA's SDK provides a data export feature for system integrators to collect the data and use it with their system. However, when using this SDK, direct integration is highly recommended over exporting data because with direct integration, integrators do not need to configure export data and the database can be read directly.

In order to make integration easier, we have prepared a software development kit (SDK) for TimeTec TA. First, you will need to obtain login credentials to the FingerTec Developer Program through an easy process. All you have to do is log in to your TimeTec TA account as an Administrator and select System Settings, then tick the box TimeTec TA SDK Login and click Submit. Your login credentials will appear at the bottom of the page which you can then use to retrieve the TimeTec TA SDK. In addition, we will also send you an email that contains the login credentials you have just obtained.

To retrieve the TimeTec TA SDK, simply visit the FingerTec Developer Program page at and log in to the website using your login credentials. You will be able to download your TimeTec TA SDK in no time.


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