Face ID 2 (FEM800) Upcoming New Features

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

We have recently upgraded the Face ID 2’s hardware to the FEM800 coreboard and it is now equipped with a 800MHz microprocessor and 256MB Flash Memory & 64MB SDRAM. Besides that there is also a new face enrollment interface that will only require 30 seconds to complete.

Please be advised that we are still working on the firmware to add more functions into the new Face ID 2.

Below is a list of functions that are still under construction:

Initiated by Jazz, 
Written by Vincent


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Are FingerTec Models with WiFi Function Secure?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

The answer is yes. FingerTec door access models with WiFi are safe and secure to use.

The WiFi connection is used to connect the terminal with the computer to download transaction data as well as update settings into the terminal. FingerTec door access models with WiFI function are secured using the WiFi Protected Access (WPA) network security. The Pre-shared key mode does not require the complexity of an 802.1X authentication server. Each wireless network device encrypts the network traffic using a 256 bit key. Using a long enough random password (e.g. 14 random letters) or passphrase (e.g. 5 randomly chosen words) makes the pre-shared key virtually uncrackable.

Besides the WPA network security, you will also need the terminal IP address to access the terminal. It is not possible for outsiders to know the terminal IP address because it will not respond to any IP scan software or tools.

We can also set the Com Key as a hidden password that will be needed in order to access the terminal. The Com Key is a numeric value range from 0 - 999999 to be inserted into both terminals and software. The Com Key in the terminal and software must match before doing any connection to the terminal. The connection will fail if there is a mismatch of Com Key in the terminal and in the software. The use of Com Key can avoid any unauthorized persons to use another copy of TCMS v2 or BioBridge SDK to connect into FingerTec® terminal to carry out any operation.

Lastly, the Biobridge SDK is required to send a command to the terminal to open the door. The BioBridge SDK is a powerful tool that can bridge any system with the terminal. However, the Biobridge SDK is not available to public.

With all the security features in our WiFi products, you can rest assured that the door is safe and secure.

Initiated and written by Vincent


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FingerTec TimeTec Web Trial Run

Monday, March 26, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

Update: We will no longer be offering TimeTec Web Trial. Please go to TimeTec Cloud for the 30-day FREE Trial version.

Person to Involve in the Test Run
We recommend assigning the following persons to be involved in the on site proof of concept Test Run of TimeTec Web:

1. MIS/IT specialist
An MIS/IT specialist is an important person to setup the physical server, MySQL database, Windows OS update, web components and TimeTec. He/she should be able to:

  • Setup the physical server accordimeng to the recommended technical specifications.
  • Ensure the Windows OS has up-to-date hotfixes and files.
  • Connect the physical online with Fixed IP address.
  • Install/manage/housekeep the MySQL database.
  • Install/manage the web services components/files in the Windows OS.
  • Install TimeTec and connect it with the MySQL database.
2. System Administrator
The System Administrator is the person with full access to all modules/sections of Time Tec to setup/run the system. He/She must go through a full training session in order to handle and operate TimeTec and to process attendance and reports.
We recommend the Administration or the Human Resource Manager to act as the System Administrator during the trial period.

3. System Operator
A System Operator is the person who can access TimeTec to configure working rules/calendar and process attendance records. He/she can preview/print/save reports for all employees.

4.Managers of each branch or department
This refers to the person with the authority to view the records of users assigned under specific branch or department. He/she can preview/save/print reports of those under their supervision.
We recommend the Branch/Department manager from each department to be assigned with this authority.

5. Test person from each branch/department/different working scenario
Two persons from each department should be assigned to report attendance at the FingerTec terminals to generate records in TimeTec. We recommend each test person to follow individual working schedule/calendar to represent different working scenario.

However if you are doing a in house testing with the TimeTec Web, you will only require the System Administrator and test person from each branch/department/different working scenario.

Using FingerTec Terminals with TimeTec
1. Prepare physical server with fix IP address as Test Server.
We recommend to use Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, with 8GB RAM to achieve optimum performance during testing. The fixed IP address is important because you will need to insert it into each test terminal as the Webserver IP address.

In the event that you do not want to apply/purchase a fixed IP address, you still can run the tests. Simply install the physical server with a static IP address. The server will connect to FingerTec terminals on the same Local Area Network (LAN). You can use the server’s static IP address as the Webserver IP address. You can only run tests within the same LAN with this configuration.

2. Make sure you choose the suitable FingerTec models to test TimeTec Web
The FingerTec models that supports TimeTec Web are:

Time Attendance
  • Fingerprint Verification
    • Black/white display: AC103, TA103,
    • Color screen display: AC100C, TA100C, TA100TC and TA200Plus

Access Control & Time Attendance
  • Fingerprint Verification
    • Black/white display: M2R2, R2R2i and H2i
    • Color screen display: iKiosk 100 Plus, iKiosk 100, Q2i
  • Card Verification 
    • Kadex *Upon request. Prices for TimeTec/ Webster enabled Kadex may vary.
Any models that are not listed above will not work with TimeTec Web. Please choose your terminals accordingly.

3. Update FingerTec terminals with the standard firmware
Visit http://tips.fingertec.com > Download > Firmware > Select the terminal to download the suitable firmware. Update the test terminals with the latest firmware to make sure it is ready for testing with TimeTec.

4. Request customized TimeTec firmware and TimeTec Web trial product activation keys
Please send the serial number and the FingerTec model to support@fingertec.com to request for a customized TimeTec firmware. Our Technical Department will send the firmware to you. Please update the TimeTec firmware into your test terminal. You will find that there are new options added in the Menu:

Black/White display models: Menu → Option → Comm. Option → Webserver IP
Color screen display models: Menu → Comm. Option → Webserver → Webserver IP

Insert the fixed IP into the Webserver IP address column and the Port as 8080.
For those who are not testing with the fixed IP address server, please use the server static IP address as the Webserver IP address.

The Technical Department will then send the TimeTec Web trial product activation keys together with the firmware. These key numbers are important for you to add and activate connection from TimeTec Web to your test terminals. The validity of each key will be for 3 months.

Installation of Windows OS updates, Web components, MySQL database and TimeTec
It is reccommended that an MIS/IT specialist carry out the following steps.

Step 1: First, check and make sure the Windows OS is installed with latest service pack/files especially Windows Installer
Step 2: Then check/install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and Internet Information Service 6 (IIS) in the Windows OS
Step 3: Next, install MySQL 5.5 and connector to the Windows OS
Step 4: Install the Crystal Report components into the Window OS
Step 5: Finally, install TimeTec into the Windows OS

We strongly recommend to use the Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate 64-bit or Windows Server 2008 as the operating system. You can refer to the links below to download the related files to install your TimeTec Web server.

Important Components and Installers

Basic Setup & Configuration
Step 1: Add FingerTec terminals into TimeTec to establish connection.
Go into Device > FingerTec Terminal > Add

Step 2: Fill in the company’s information at Configuration > Company Profile

Step 3: Fill in the information for Branch/Department/Section at Configuration > Branch/Department/Section.

Step 4: Setup basic settings of TimeTec to display attendance data at Configuration > System Settings

Step 5: Create types of leave according to the company’s policy at Configuration > Leave Type

Refer to TimeTec Manual Chapter 4: Configuring TimeTec

Setting Up Different Levels of Access for Branch/Department Manager

Step 1: Create a login username and password for the System Administrator at Configuration > Username Account

Step 2: Create a login username and password for the Branch/Department Manager at Configuration > Username Account

Step 3: Create a login username and password for the System Operator at Configuration > Username Account

Setup of Attendance calculation
Step 1: Setup clocking schedule to define working time table and calculation rules at Schedule > Clocking Schedule

Step 2: Setup group duty roster to create working group and calendar at Schedule > Group Duty Roster

Refer to Chapter Setting Up Clocking Schedule &Setting Up Group Duty Roster

Report Attendance & Data Download
Employee reports attendance at the FingerTec terminals to generate attendance records. Administrator will then download the records into TimeTec and store it for attendance calculation.

To download data: Device → Manage Teriminals → Download Terminal Data

Administrator/system operator checks and prints attendance reports
Step 1: Administrator/System Operator checks attendance in TimeTec Web > Attendance. The administrator can edit attendance of employees accordingly.

Step 2: The administrator previews and print the reports at Report. Select the type of report > Preview > Print/Save into digital format.

Refer to Chapter Managing Attendance & Attendance Reports

Written by Pang, 
Edited by Vincent


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TA300 Change of Algorithm

Thursday, March 22, 2012 TimeTec 2 Comments

FingerTec TA300

The TA300 is a portable fingerprint terminal for time attendance system. Not only it is wireless, it also comes with an internal battery that could last for a maximum of 5 hours. The TA300 is specially designed for small and medium sized businesses as it requires no installation, no power supply, and no cables of any sort.

The hardware of the TA300’s has recently been updated with a brand new MCU. Any TA300 from the serial number 3403301 onwards will now be using the fingerprint template algorithm Biobridge VX10.0 and the fingerprint template storage of the mentioned terminals onwards will be increased to 1500 from the previous 500.

Even with the algorithm upgrade, there are existing users who prefer to use the algorithm Biobridge VX9.0 as they do not wish to re-enroll their fingerprint all over again. We have a solution for you:

To check the algorithm:

  1. Press 9999.
  2. Press Time Set. This will prompt the TA300’s menu.
  3. Press Out to scroll down and select Device Info.
  4. Select Algorithm Version.

To change the algorithm:

  1. Press 2222.
  2. Press Time Set.
  3. Press Out to change the algorithm version.
  4. Press OK to prompt the restart.

Note: Please be advised that once you change the algorithm, all the terminal data will be deleted. You will lose all the transaction logs as well as the enrolled users. Please make sure that you have backed up all relevant data before proceeding to change the algorithm version.

Initiated by Pang, 
Written by Vincent


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Going Green Screen Saver Configuration

Monday, March 05, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

A screen saver is an animated image or a small program that takes over the display screen if there are no keystrokes or mouse movements for a specified duration.

We have recently designed some state of the art screensavers for our new terminals. However, for those who have purchased our terminals without the new screensavers, you may download it here. (Screensaver hyperlink)

By using the TCMSv2 software, you can customize the screensaver of your terminal. Please be advised that this feature is only available for our multimedia terminals.

To upload the screensaver, startup the TCMSv2 software:

Step 1
Click Devices to select Terminal Multimedia Management.

Step 2


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Protecting your FingerTec Terminals from Lightning Strikes & Power Surges

Thursday, March 01, 2012 TimeTec 1 Comments

A Power surge, often called a transient surge is a rapid, temporary increase in voltage. This will cause an increase in the electrical potential energy, which can increase the current flowing to your wall outlet.

Electronic devices including the FingerTec terminals are extremely sensitive to power surges. In other words, anything that is plugged into a power outlet during a fluctuation of power is capable of being damaged. The best way to prevent damage to the FingerTec terminals is to take protective measures before any power surges:
  1. Use a surge protector power strips to connect to the FingerTec terminals.
  2. Plug the FingerTec terminal into an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This device is a surge protector, which also acts as a battery backup that will provide power for an extended period after a power outage.
  3. Contact your local power company to install a complete surge protector at your electric meter. These meter-based protectors provide the best protection against power surges for all electronics and appliances.

Additional Tips:

  • Use more than one anti-surge protector device against power surges.
  • Hire a qualified electrician to install the built-in surge protector if the surge protector power strips are not feasible. 
  • Unplug any electronics and appliances, if you suspect a surge during a storm.
  • Use only UL-rated surge protectors and replace them as soon as the warranty ends or as needed.

Written by Vincent


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