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1. FingerTec biometrics terminal clocking
2. Web clocking through a PC
3. Mobile clocking through TimeTec TA App

FingerTec Biometrics Terminal Clocking is suitable for a company that imposes these limitations and has these requirements listed below.
• Employees cannot carry smartphones during work time for example in factory, laboratory, commercial kitchen, hospital and etc.
• The company requires simple clocking only, i.e. to record in and out time.
• The company does not require everybody to access into TimeTec TA.
• The management wants to strictly avoid buddy-punching
• The company wants to install terminals that have both time attendance and door access control function.

Web Clocking is suitable for a company that have these limitations and requirements.
• For staff that using PC with internet connection as their daily working tool, for example staff from HR, admin & finance department.
• The company that requires simple clocking only, i.e. to record in and out time
• The Company that doesn't allow employees to carry smartphones during work time.
• The company that requires simple clocking only, i.e. to record in and out time
• The company that does not require everybody to access into TimeTec TA

Mobile clocking is more suitable for general knowledge workers in the office and field workers that require frequent travels, constantly mobile and flexible.

GPS Clocking
• The company that needs to track mobile staff, allowing them to clock in when they reach their destination. Clocking with the photo-taking option is available to enhance authentication.
• The company allows staff to trace their attendance data, receive notifications and refer to roster, and apply OT via smart phones and etc, in short to achieve better collaboration and communication among the workers.

NFC Clocking & Beacon Clocking
• Suitable for offices adopting a more casual environment.
• For the company that aims to have affordable hi-tech solution that can cater to larger spaces. Time Beacon can be used by iOS and Android but NFC tag is available on Android phones only. Eventhough NFC tags are cheaper if compare with Time Beacon, when you install NFC tags, please mix it up with Time Beacon to provide convenience. It’s recommended to install NFC and Beacon sufficiently to influx of staff during rush hours.
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Mix & Match Clocking Options
• If your company has a combination of scenarios, you can mix and match the clocking methods to deploy these solutions in your company, and rest assured TimeTec TA can cater for all.
• For example if you have a factory, a HQ, an RnD office, you might want to install Biometrics in the factory, a combination of web clocking and biometrics in the HQ and beacon and NFC in the RnD office.

The Use of Supervisor Clocking
• This feature is useful in a scenario where your company has supervisors that work with a group of workers that are not allow to use smartphones or do not own any smartphones. The supervisor can clock for his subordinates with or without photo proof.


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Retrieve Data from FingerTec Cloud Centre FCC to the Ingress Software

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FingerTec Cloud Centre is a web platform to store all FingerTec terminals' information and data securely on a cloud server. Connect your FingerTec terminals to FCC and stop worrying about data lost because the original data will always be available online for instant retrieval. This tip will demonstrate on how to retrieve data from the FCC and upload it to Ingress.

Rely on FCC to consolidate all your FingerTec data in the cloud and backing up of data purposes.

Step 1
Login your FCC account > Click your username beside the Subscription option.

Step 2
Go to the user profile tab > Ingress / TCMSv3 Login Detail.

Step 3
Go to the Ingress Icon > Migration Wizard > FingerTec Cloud Center.

Step 4
Login your username and password. You may refer the details at Step 2.

Step 5
You can retrieve your terminal by clicking the Get Device List > Choose your terminal serial number > Import Device.

You can retrieve your user by choosing your terminal serial number > Get User List > Select all the user ID > Import User.

Step 7
You can retrieve your transaction log by choosing the date range > get transaction list > download log.


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Webster Migration to Ingress Unable to Import Transaction Logs Fixed

Previously, customers were having a problem to import transaction logs when they migrated data from Webster to Ingress but the recent release of Ingress Version has been able to solve the problem. Follow the steps below on how to do it.

Steps to migrate transaction logs from Webster to Ingress.

1. Login to Webster

2. Import device and activate the device in Ingress.

3. Get Transaction List and Download Log.

Remark: Devices must be added and activated in order to get their transaction lists.


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How to Change a User ID in TimeTec TA without Adding a New License

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License for TimeTec TA is per user ID, different from other FingerTec Windows-based complementary software (TCMS V2, TCMS V3 and Ingress) that is given based on device. Because TimeTec TA is cloud-based, changing of user ID option is not easily available. This article will demonstrate steps to change User ID in TimeTec TA without having to add additional user licenses.

1. User do not need to add additional user license.
2. To make sure thet the user data in the device is correct after changing the user ID

1) You will need to select Cut Off date to change a User ID. 
For example, a user will use ID 1000 until 30/4/2017 and will change to a new user ID 2000, starting 1/5/2017
2) At the end of the month 30/4/2017, you need to make sure that the last transaction data is already downloaded and shown in TimeTec TA. 
3) Once the user clocking data is shown correctly in TimeTec TA, you need to manually delete the old user ID in the devices.
4) Open data field to add “Change ID” in employment status
5) Then, you need to select the old user (For example user ID 1000) in the TimeTec TA as inactive.
To set a user ID as inactive, please click User > Manage User > Tick user ID > Edit > Employment information > Employment status > Select as “Change ID” > Submit
6) The “Terminated, Suspended, Resigned and Change ID” user will be shown in “Inactive user” tab.
7) Manually add new user ID (For example User ID 2000) in the device.
8) Download new user into TimeTec TA
To download new user, please click Device > Manage Terminal > Tick terminal you want to download > Click Manage Terminal > Download User > Select user ID (For example ID 2000) > Submit to download.
9) Assign new user ID in the previous group duty roster.
Click Schedule > Assign Schedules and users into roster > Click assign users into roster (Icon + ) > Select User ID > Click Submit > Generate attendance > Submit
10) Done change User ID in Device and TimeTec TA Software.


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Use Ingressus Controller with Fire Alarm System for Better Emergency Management

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A fire alarm system is a variety of devices connected together to identify and alert people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide gas or other emergency situations are present. These alarms might be triggered from heat detectors and smoke detectors. The fire alarm system consists of a control panel, which is connected to the smoke detectors, emergency break glass devices, heat detectors, LED flashers, water sprinklers, alarms, FingerTec door access controller and etc. If there is any fire activity present, the smoke detector and the heat detector will set off the LED flashers, water sprinklers and alarms within the premises simultaneously.  You can either use the emergency break glass device or the FingerTec terminal to unlock all the doors and proceed to the evacuation assembly spot.

On Fire Alarm Panel, there is output relay to control a variety of functions such as Switching fans/Air Conditioning on or off and Closing/opening doors.  By using just the same relay signal from the Fire Alarm Panel, which is connected to a FingerTec Ingressus controller, it is able to trigger other Ingressus controllers to open doors. Thus, you do not need to do wiring from Fire Alarm Panel to all Ingressus controllers or do many settings on Ingress. During an emergency triggered on Fire Alarm Panel, the relay will send a signal to one of the Ingressus controllers. Then Ingress that manages all the Ingressus controllers will receive this signal and command other Ingressus controllers to open doors too.
1. Add and activate Ingressus Controller on Ingress on Device tab

2. Add a Fire Alarm Zone and add setting into 1 unit selected Ingressus which connected to Fire Alarm Panel output signal
3. Select other Ingressus to Open Door when the Fire Alarm is triggered

5. Done the settings > click Save and Sync the settings to all Ingressus


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Enabling User Authentication in TCMS V3

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There are cases in TCMS V3 whereby user authentication did not appear when you want to access the software which makes the user thinks that is some form of a bug. And many users keep uninstall and reinstall the software a few times to make sure that user authentication pops up. For your information, this is not a bug. You need to enable user authentication in the system settings in TCMS V3 to use the feature.

1) Making your system more secure
2) When you enable this, you could view who is creating any report because it would show the name of the user that login with the current account.

1) Go to System Settings, under system > tick “Enable Username and Password Authentication”

2)    Still, on the same page, click on User Account and add the account that you want to add. The default account that already has already been created is the super admin account. If you wish to add/delete the other account, you need to log in with that account.

3) Next, exit TCMS V3 and run it again. You can see a box prompt for username and password. Login with the account that you have created before.

4) After you’ve login with that account, you can see your name when you generate the report and there will be your name at the right bottom of your report.


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Adding Billing Admin in TimeTec

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Please note that the information and images below refer to TimeTec TA software. However, this particular module/ feature is also available in TimeTec Patrol and TimeTec Leave with the same rules and functionality, hence you can also use this as reference for all three abovementioned softwares.

In many organizations, the finance department is in charge of billing and service subscriptions, and more often than not the process is kept private from the other employees. Definitely there are advantages to this method but one apparent disadvantage for cloud subscription like TimeTec TA is the lack of accessibility to the system’s billing and this would create bureaucracy and adds process time for the person in charge of the account to communicate with the finance department.

In TimeTec TA, we have made it flexible by allowing the Account Owner to add Billing Admin to handle subscription purchase. The role of Billing Admin in TimeTec TA can be assigned to an existing user or outside personnel that handles TimeTec license purchase. This feature is optional and would not affect the current system if your organization insists of having the finance personnel to take care of service subscription purchases.

To Add a Billing Admin

1. Go to My Account > Company > Billing Admin or click at the Billing Admin icon at the main page.

2. Click Add Billing Admin to add.

3. Fill in the New User or choose Existing Users to assign Billing Admin

The newly added Billing Admin will receive an email that explains his/her role. If this person is not an existing TimeTec user, he needs to activate his account to login to TimeTec. The accessibility of Billing Admin without TimeTec license will be limited to modules available in My Account only, where as TimeTec users who have been assigned as Billing Admin will have access to both My Account and the applications.


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Boss Mode - A System Role for Bosses to Monitor Workforce Performance

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TimeTec TA App provides a comprehensive dashboard for administrators to take a quick look at the overview of the company’s workforce performance, and to supply a remedy for any problematic attendance patterns observed.

Ironically, the bosses’ attendance records can affect the overall data because bosses are more often than not are not reporting for attendance, they don’t apply for leaves, they don’t adhere to the work schedule and shouldn’t be monitored.

The Boss Mode is a feature in TimeTec TA that takes those bosses out of the system yet still provide them with the power to access and observe what’s going on in the Company.

Step 1 – Create a New Division under Organization Structure

In this example, we are going to name the structure as Management. There are 3 people assigned to the Management under the organization structure, consists of Jonathan as the boss. Hence, you need to create a subdivision to house Jonathan as the Boss, and subdivision to place the rest of the Top Management people. Assign them to the subdivision accordingly. You can also have more than one person as bosses.

You can also have different users assigned to different subdivision but still under the structure of Management.

Step 2 – Create System Role and Exclude Boss Sub Division

You need to create a new system role to be named Boss and select Partial Division. From the drop-down menu, exclude the Boss division (subdivision of Management). At the Access right section, select Full Module Right. Finally, assign the boss to this new system role.

With the Boss Mode,  the bosses can access the system and monitor all the activities without being counted in and nobody can have access to the bosses’ profiles and the ‘performance’ and the dashboard will present the total of staff without the bosses' data anymore.


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