Tips: Exporting Thai Database Correctly From TCMS V2 to Ingress

Sunday, March 29, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec has announced the capability to migrate the database from TCMSV2 (Fox Pro database) to Ingress (MySQL database) on 22nd July 2014. This migration helps to eliminate the trouble of having to recreate the clocking schedules and group duty roster all over again. The types of data which can be migrated are as below.

- User (user info, fingerprint and face templates)
- Department
- Schedule
- Group Duty Roster
- Leave types
- Remark
- Holiday
- Device
- Audit Data (Current year data only)
- System Setting(day type wages, Time format, hour format, date format, payroll cycle, first
  day of week, payroll start date, currency symbol)

However, if you encounter Thai language error after migration, do follow the steps below to rectify:

1)      Select Migration Wizard at Ingress software

2)      You will encounter the username appears as symbol instead of the correct Thai Language after migration

 3)      To rectify this, you will have to change the OS language to English language before proceeding
 4)      Go to Control Panel > Region and Language > Administrative > Change System Locale
5)      Select English Language according to your country and restart the computer.
6)      Once the system is restarted, launch the Ingress software and use the Migration Wizard to migrate the database from TCMSV2 to Ingress.

7)     You should be able to get the correct name in the User’s List.
8)      Once this is completed, you can change the system locale back to Thai Language and continue to use the software without error.


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Steps to Remove the OLE Error in TCMS v2.2.027

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 TimeTec 4 Comments

The latest version of TCMS V2 (v2.2.027) will often encounter these errors when downloading the attendance logs from devices or when going online in Terminal Data Audit list:


This error appears after the user download the new update of TCMS v2.2.027 from the “New Release” button, or by accepting the “New Candidate” update when they run the TCMS software. Normally, OLE error appears due to some of the files cannot be updated through the “New Release”, so it needs to be replaced via re-installation process.

The Solution: Here is a quick fix to resolve this issue, you will need to follow these steps below:

1) Backup the database ( System Setting > Backup/Restore Database Files > Backup  > Select path of the backup file > Apply )

2) Close TCMS software

3) Uninstall TCMS software from your PC

4) Rename the TCMSv2 folder to other name

5) Download latest installer of TCMSv2 from this link:

6) Install the downloaded file

7) Run TCMS software and restore your database.


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Troubleshooting Tips: Unable to Load Door Details and Generate Attendance

Monday, March 23, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec released the latest version V3.0.1 of Ingress on 24th February 2015 with more features compared to its previous version. However, users who restore their database after upgrading to the new version may encounter some errors due to the different table formats in some of its module.

You can solve problem by using the DB Initialization Tool which can be obtained from here.

Follow the steps below to eliminate the error once and for all.

1)      Download the DBInit Tool from the link above.

2)      Copy the DBInit Tool and paste it in the Ingress Server folder. By default the path will be at    C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec Worldwide\FingerTec Ingress\Ingress Server.

3)      Shut down the software as well as the Ingress Server.

4)      Double click on this tool and it will run automatically.

     5)    Once the initialization is completed, run the Ingress DB installer once again to re-write the
             new table format into the software.


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New Video Guide for Repairing TA500 and R3 Device Are Now Available in FingerTec Tips Website

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 TimeTec 4 Comments

FingerTec Worldwide Technical Tips website are meant solely for our resellers. In this website, advanced information such as firmware, training, hardware repair guide, tools and etc. are readily available for registered resellers who have access to our website.

We are always uploading the latest information, tools and even software onto this page. We have also recently added the TA500 and R3 into the repair video guide archive. If you need more info regarding the repairing/changing of spare parts for TA500 and R3, please login here and look for the repair video under the hardware section.


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Tips: Cards Outputting The Same Code? Don't Forget to Configure AdapTec Correctly

Friday, March 13, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

If you are using AdapTec with any FingerTec terminals, the terminals will output the same Wiegand code due to AdapTec’s features. This could cause some inconveniences if you integrate the terminals with a 3rdparty controller.

 You can disable the AdapTec Plus option and revert to the normal 26-bit Wiegand output signal for a 3rdparty controller by using our FT Tool.

Click here to download the FT Tool.

For more details on the functionalities of the tool, click here.


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