Shut Down Ingress Properly If You Login Through A Client Server To Avoid Being Block Access

Thursday, October 30, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

As a server-client software, users can login to Ingress server via Ingress clients installed at any other computers. To secure the system, Ingress server always makes sure there is no duplicated login credentials from different computers running at the same time. Ingress will block access if it detected the login credential is still in-use from any client.

In case you do not sign out properly from a client, for example you clicked the X button on the right top of Ingress to shut down the software, Ingress server will block you from accessing the system by using the same credential next time you want to access the system. This is because, Ingress considers that you are still in the system because you did not sign out properly. To resolve this issue, please restart the Ingress server to clear its cache.

And next time you sign out, please make sure that you use the Shut Down button.


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Verification Fail Alarm in FingerTec Access Control Devices

Thursday, October 30, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec’s access control devices are equipped with a Verification Fail alarm feature. The Verification Fail alarm will trigger the device’s alarm (internal or external alarm) if a user failed to verify for a pre-determined number of times. This feature is made to warn the administrator that the device is being vandalized or if someone is trying to break in into a building. Assuming that you had set the Alarm threshold to allow a maximum of 3 tries, if a user fails to verify after 3 times, the alarm will be triggered.

To set up this feature, you can refer to the following steps. This may vary depending on the model of the device you are using.


Monochrome Terminals (Kadex, R2, AC900)

You can select the Alarm Count Option following the steps below.

Menu> Options> Access Options > Alarm CNT > Define the value

*To disable this feature, you can set the value to 0.


Color Screen Terminals (Q2i, Ikiosk 100+)

You can set this feature in 1:1 Match Retry Times, and Password Retry Times in Display option:

Menu> System> Display > 1:1 Match RetryTimes > Define the value (1-9)

Menu> System> Display > Password RetryTimes > Define the value (1-9)

*Please note that for colored screen devices, the Retry Times cannot be disabled. You can only set it to the maximum value, which is 9. This will give the users enough time to verify.


FaceID (FaceID 2,  FaceID 3, FaceID 4d)

You can configure this feature in Access Parameter Settings:

Menu> System> Access Control Settings > Access Control Parameters > Failure Alarm Thr > Define the value (1-9)

Please note that for FaceID series, the alarm threshold cannot be disabled. You can only set it to the maximum value, which is 9. This will give the users enough time to verify.



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TimeTec Cloud - Post Attendance to Payroll is Now Available in Unipay & MYOB (Australia Only)

Friday, October 24, 2014 TimeTec 1 Comments

TimeTec Cloud provides 26 types of readily formatted reports which you can view, print and save in various file formats like .pdf, .xls, .doc, .rtf and html formats for printing and integration purposes.

For the convenience of our users, we have introduced a new option that allows you to transfer the details of your employee’s attendance to selected payroll software. The attendance data from TimeTec Cloud can be exported directly into software such as Unipay and MYOB. However, this option is currently available for users in Australia only.  
To enable this option, kindly ensure that you select “Australia” in the field indicated as shown in the image below.

Once you clicked the submit button, the “Post Attendance to Payroll” option will be made available under the Configuration tab.

Enable this function to post attendance details of your employees to Unipay or MYOB directly.


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Webserver Operation Manual is Now Available Online

Monday, October 13, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec Webserver is a basic web version of our TCMS V2 software. We highly recommend that you install the webserver into a PC that can double as a server. The designated PC will need to have a fixed IP address in order to transform into a workstation that links together the FingerTec terminals via GPRS or the internet. No IP address is required on any of the terminals as the terminals will search for any GPRS or Internet signal available to establish the connection.
Installing Webserver is hassle-free as it contains only a single installation file. This installation file consists of all the necessary components required for the software to run smoothly.

We have made the process of installing the Webserver even easier by publishing an operation manual for the convenience of our users. The manual is intended to guide the users on every single step of the software installation and this will reduce the amount of mistakes and errors that they may encounter.

You can download the operation manual from here.


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Ingress Software Updates – V2.2.4.12

Wednesday, October 01, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

For this month’s Ingress update, we have added three new features for the convenience of our users.

1.      Download and View Attendance Photo in Data Audit List

In the situation that you are using devices with photo capture for the process of verification, you can download the photo and view it under Data Audit List.  Examples of hardware that support this function is our Face ID 2, iKiosk 100 Plus and more.

All you need to do is to check the option Display Attendance Photo in the Data Grid to enable it.

2.      Download and Upload User Photo in User Module

You can upload an employees’ photo from Ingress (under user profile) to devices through the User Photo feature. Examples of hardware that support this function is our TA200Plus, Q2i and Face ID series. Through this feature, employees will be able to see his/her photo which will be displayed on screen during the process of verification.


For this feature, it will first capture the employees’ photo during enrolment and save the image into the devices. After that, you can download these photo from the devices and they will be stored into the corresponding employees’ profiles as their profile photo.
             To enable this feature, check the option Photo during Download/Upload User page for it to              take effect.
      3.      Configure Monthly Calendar to Display Holiday in Attendance and Access Level Module
The new monthly calendar display style will allow you to view a list of holidays easily under  the Attendance and Access Level pages.
11 Errors fixed:
1.      Fixed the issue of audit data processing automatically after migrating from the TCMSv2 database
2.      Fixed the issue of user list display in tree view after batch creation in User Module
3.      Fixed the issue of wrongly displayed card history under remark column data in User Module
4.      Fixed the issue of wrongly displayed export user date format in User Module
5.      Resolved the cases of duplicated User ID in User Module
6.      Truncated the prefix '0' in the user id function.
7.      Fixed the issue of deleting all data when initialize database function.
8.      Fixed the issue of transaction log download from Ingressus
9.      Fixed the issue of Ingressus IP Address modification.
10.  Fixed the issue of Add Device by URL/DNS.
11.  Fixed the issue of Ingress’s inability to log the timing of Device Power On and Off.


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