Housekeeping for the TCMS V2

Friday, April 27, 2012 TimeTec 1 Comments

In computing terms, housekeeping is referred to manual or sometimes automated process where the computer is cleaned-up to optimize its performance. Housekeeping commonly involves removing the archived logs and users activities, backing up data and etc. The housekeeping rule applies to the TCMS V2 software too as the software might respond slower or lag if it is carrying too heavy a load of transaction data. This is particularly observed while generating the Attendance sheet. It is recommended to transfer the transaction data from the Attendance Sheet into the History folder once every 3-6 months to attain optimum performance for the TCMS V2 software.

To perform housekeeping for the TCMS V2 software:

1. In Attendance Sheet, click “To History”.

2. Select specific users or select All to choose the users involved to perform the transfer. Define the date range of the transaction data to be transferred to the History folder and click “To History” to initiate the transfer.

Upon completing the transfer, all the previous transaction data will be only available in the History page.

Besides performing housekeeping on the TCMS V2 software, a routine maintenance on the computer will prolong its usage lifetime and mitigate against the gradual performance loss. Below are a few examples to keep the computer in tiptop condition:

  1. Update the computer with the up to date Anti-Virus data files and scan for virus regularly.
  2. Scan and remove Spyware/Adware.
  3. Delete temporary files and browser cache.
  4. Perform Disc Defragmenter on the system volume.

Written by: Vincent


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FTDP Video Guide Released!

Thursday, April 26, 2012 TimeTec 5 Comments

The FingerTec Data Processor (FTDP) is designed to connect FingerTec terminals to a third party system. The FTDP stores data in a centralized database to multiple LAN users to utilize the database to create an independent system via the ODBC manager.

The long awaited FTDP video guide is finally here. With this video guide, you can configure and use the FTDP without any hassle. You can find all the basic functions of FTDP and ways to configure it as per your own requirements.

To go to the video guide page click this link:


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TCMS V2 Sample Reports

Thursday, April 26, 2012 TimeTec 13 Comments

Due to overwhelming requests by our customers, we are pleased to inform you that we have revised our TCMSv2 sample reports. We have the full range of the TCSMv2 software’s report templates now equipped with explanations. The reports available are:

  • Electronic Time Card
  • Daily Attendance Listing
  • Weekly Attendance Listing
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Correction Report
  • Tardiness Report
  • On Leave Report
  • Overtime Approval Worksheet
  • Attendance Summary
  • Day-By-Day Analysis
  • Month-By-Month Analysis
  • Gross Wages Report
  • Staff Movement Analysis
  • Terminal Activity Report
  • Terminal Transaction Listing
  • Clocking Schedules
  • Duty Calendar
  • Name List
  • Department List
  • Section List
  • Remark List
  • Entry-Exit Transaction Listing

 To view the sample reports with the explanation, click on this link:

Written by: Vincent


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Problems While Updating Firmware Or Language Pack

Thursday, April 26, 2012 TimeTec 21 Comments

In electronic / computing terms, "Firmware" refers to a small program or data structure that internally control various electronic devices. FingerTec terminals employ firmwares to operate its basic as well as high-level functions. By updating the firmware, we can fix bugs or add features to the device. This process involves loading a binary image file into the terminal. If the terminal’s firmware is outdated or corrupted, the FingerTec terminal will cease to work correctly and will result in slow response or even freeze. It is recommended to update the terminal’s firmware before performing any troubleshooting to the terminal.

There are a few issues to take note of while updating the firmware or language pack into the terminal:

  1. Make sure that the computer is installed with the TCMSv2 software. Without the TCMS V2 software, the firmware or language pack tool will not launch correctly. You can download the latest version of TCMSv2 software here.
  2. Disable the firewall or anti-virus software. Some of the firewall or anti-virus software will block the communication from the firmware or language pack tool to the terminal. You will need to disable the firewall or anti-virus software and update the firmware or language pack. Upon successfully updating the firmware or language pack, you may enable the firewall or anti-virus software.
  3. Disable the WiFi connection. Currently the firmware or language pack can only be updated using the LAN cable. If you update the firmware or language pack using the WiFi connection, the firmware in the terminal will be faulty or sometimes corrupted.
  4. Make sure you update the correct firmware to the respective terminals. We a few terminals with different core boards within a same model. Please refer to the list below:

  • Q2i & TA200 Plus (FEM500)
  • Q2i & TA200 Plus (FEM510)
  • Q2i (FEM600)
  • TA200 Plus (FEM600)
  • i-Kiosk 100 (FEM500)
  • i-Kiosk 100 (FEM510)
  • i-Kiosk 100 (FEM600)
  • i-Kiosk 100 Plus (FEM500)
  • i-Kiosk 100 Plus (FEM600)
  • Face ID 2 (FEM600)
  • Faec ID 2 (FEM800)
  • R2 (FEM500)
  • R2 (FEM565)

You will need to determine your terminal’s platform before updating the firmware. To check the terminal’s platform, you may download the FingerTec Device Info Tool here. Extract the Device Info Tool and insert the terminal’s IP Address and click Connect.

The Device Info Tool will display the terminal’s details as per the screenshot below: 

Please download the firmware according to the Platform type. To download the firmware:

The black & white screen models such as TA100, R2, Kadex and etc have a limited storage space. The terminal can only store up to 2 languages. Please download the transaction logs before updating the language pack to free up more storage space. If your terminal already has 2 languages installed, you will need to delete the existing language before updating a new one. To delete the language, download the language removal tool here. Extract the file and follow the instruction manual to remove the language.

Written by: Vincent


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