New Health Screening Features In Ingress and TCMSV3 Software

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 FingerTec 1 Comments

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in our country and the world, the subsequent course of action - Movement Control Order (MCO) has been implemented in almost every country. Relating closely to this pandemic issue, we have updated a new feature known as Health Screening in our Ingress and TCMSv3 software. This allows you to record and monitor your employees' body temperature data and keep track of their health statuses.

In this article, we will guide you on activating and using this feature. Plus, to generate a comprehensive health report for the company or for authorities reference. This record of staff body temperature complies with Regulation 11 of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (No.3) Regulations 2020 in Malaysia. Even though this is not a requirement from the government in other countries, it is a good practise for a company to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Enable and Activate the Features

1. First of all, to enable this feature you will need to update your Ingress or TCMSv3 software to the latest version ‘Ingress v4.0.0.17’ and ‘TCMSv3’. You can download the latest installer file from our FingerTec website using the following link

2. Once you have updated the software, you can find this new feature under the Monitoring tab > Health Screening. To activate this new feature you will need to get the Licence key by contacting our sales or your local reseller.

How to use the Health Screening Features

1. First, you will need to assign one staff member to perform a body temperature screening before the employee enters the premises.

2. Then, she/he can record all the info in the Ingress or TCMSv3 software by going to Monitoring tab > select Health Screening > Add New Record > select and expand User > Key In the Body Temperature and Remark.


There are two types of reports that you can generate from the software. The first type of reports is the Health Screening Report whereas the second type of reports is the Health Screening Summary Report. You can find both reports under the Report tab > Monitoring Analysis.

1. Health Screening Report

2. Health Screening Summary Report

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.

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  1. Great added feature. But would be nice if temperature scanners could be integrated with the system. It is more work for a staff to enter 200 entries of temperatures.


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