Ingress Software Release v4.1.1.0

Thursday, June 10, 2021 TimeTec 0 Comments

For this month, FingerTec has released Ingress software v4.1.1.0 which added 10 new features and 4 bug fixes to enhance the user experience when using Ingress Software.

1. Added AWDMS ATT Work Code

2. Changed to empty value for Gender when a new User created 

3. Added an option to reset Gender value to empty, using Batch Update User

4. Added door selection option for Health Screen Report and Health Screening Visitor Report

5. Added Disable User Page Break option for Weekly Attendance Listing

6. Changed upload First Name and Last Name from Username to AWDMS

7. Added minimum minutes to qualify for Early In Overtime option

8. Enhanced the performance to download attendance logs from AWDMS device

9. Added selection for all fields in Batch User Duty Planner

10. Updated new iOS push notification method for Ingress Mobile

Bug Fix:

11. Fixed generated data error in attendance sheet due to Flexi schedule last log out setting configured as 00:00/12:00am
12. Fixed the unable to export Data Audit List Type II via Export Scheduler due to blank check time value (0000-00-00 00:00:00) problem
13. Fixed device activation showing expired and failed to activate even though the license is full license
14. Fixed failed to export Attendance Details with Job Cost data if it does not include Work done in hours


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