Ingress Release Note v4.0.0.10

Monday, March 09, 2020 TimeTec 2 Comments

For this month, FingerTec has released Ingress software v4.0.0.10 which adds 18 new features and 15 bugs fixed to enhance the user experience when using Ingress Software. 
1. DevExpress v19.2
2. Added new themes and remove obsolete themes

3. Revamp OFIS TA

4. Added Date Format in Option for Export Attendance Details

5. Enhance Attendance Photo display next if current minute have multiple photos

6. Display Attendance Photo when right click Other Clocking Time in Attendance Sheet

7. Added Rename for Schedule & Roster in Tree View Item

8. Added option to hide "Short" in Attendance Sheet

9. Added Pay Rate to 3 decimal places in System Settings

10. Added Pay Type and Rate Hour in TCMSv2 Migration

11. Revamp Report
i) Added Group by Group Duty Roster in Attendance Sheet Report

ii) Added Total Late In and Total Early Out in Tardiness Report

iii) Added conditions and filters for tardiness options in Tardiness Report

iv) Added Designation selection filter in Monthly Staff Duty Roster Report

v) Added support for 3 decimal places pay rate in Gross Wages Report

vi) Replaced month selection with date selection for Fire Roll Call Report

12. Added search field to search for devices in the device tree view

13. Added new windows "What's new" that displayed latest changes after software update

14. Added new windows "Total User Information" that displayed more details of the total users

15. Added Report Scheduler, Export Scheduler and User Scheduler selection into Activity Logs

16. Added option to define schedule clocking type from system settings Attendance tab

17. Added new sorting option "Date" in Holiday Listing Report

18. Added new sorting option "Username" in Transaction Listing Report

Bugs Fixed
1. Fixed incorrect work hours after generate attendance with deduct short from OT selected in schedule
2. Fixed unable to assign restday/leave/offday to 29 February 2020
3. Fixed unable to accept email address with 1-character domain name
4. Fixed repeated card number added when import existing user from file and device
5. Fixed incorrect length of department field during export details attendance
6. Fixed system crashed issue when edit schedule ID of open schedule
7. Fixed incorrect total when applied half day for OT and Done considered as Work Time
8. Fixed incorrect users displayed after add new users to shift type group duty roster
9. Fixed system crashed issue when add new group duty roster
10. Fixed unable to read all transaction logs in Import Transaction Log
11. Fixed failed to display checksum in red color in Data Audit List
12. Fixed incorrect result of Attendance Sheet Report where extra column was display in month of February
13. Fixed incorrect sorting for User ID in Attendance Sheet Report
14. Fixed incorrect result of late in and early out in Attendance Summary Report
15. Fixed failed to display username at Fire Roll Call Report


  1. Hello. There are times in our company where our workers worked past 11 pm from 7am. I notice when the punch out is past 11 pm, it does not appear in the report. How can I fix it? regards

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