Pairing a Thermal Receipt Printer with TA100C FMM

Thursday, June 15, 2017 TimeTec 10 Comments

Now you can pair a Thermal Receipt Printer with TA100C FMM! A receipt can be printed after every clocking is done at a TA100C terminal. Currently, the thoroughly tested model of a Thermal Receipt Printer that works with TA100C is the EPSON printer. However, the same printer model might consist of different configurations in different countries.
By connecting a Thermal Receipt Printer into a FingerTec TA100C FMM, a company can impose a policy whereby each employee is responsible for their own clocking activities and the burden is proof is on the employee’s control.

First of all, to enable the print option inside your terminal, you need to connect your device to FTFunction tools and tick the printer option. You can refer here: Picture 1
Connect your device to the tools > tick printer > update.
You can get the FTFunction tools from here:
After that, you need to connect your thermal printer using the Ethernet port. Make sure you are using Ethernet port and not the USB port. You can refer to attachment 1 for the cable type.

The printer option is disable by default. To enable the printer option in the device, please go to device menu > print > printer option > turn on the option.
You also need to turn on RS232 connection and change the communication Baud Rate in the terminal to 9600. To enable this feature, go to device menu > comm > serial comm > turn on RS232 and change the baud rate to 9600. You can refer to attachment 2.
After that, you are ready to use the thermal printer that is already connected to your TA100C FMM. When the user verifies, the receipt will be printed out  from the terminal. You can set the details that you want to print from the device such as company name, user ID, user name, device ID and few more. An example of the receipt, you can refer to attachment 3.

You can refer to attachment 4 and 5 for the connection between the printer and device.


  1. Can we make the terminal allow users to print only once in the canteen? Seperate from Time attendance clock in?

    1. Please be informed that you cannot limit user to only punch one time on the device as we do not have function to control to allow user can punch only one time.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us back should you require further assistance on above matter.

  2. Can we make the terminal allow users to print only once a time to use for restaurant??

    1. Hello Sir,

      Good day. The terminal will send a signal to the printer to print the data every clocking transaction made. There is no way to limit the user from making a transaction and to print the clocking transaction. As long as the user data available in the terminal and successfully verified, the clocking transaction will be saved and it will print a receipt.

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  5. Is TA200 / R3 Reader compatible with the thermal printer, if yes then kindly give me the RJ45/25serial connector cable layout

  6. Thanks for letting us know about it, these information are really awesome. Also check how to get sublimation ink off heat press

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