Ingress Release Note v3.1.1.10 (13-06-2017)

Thursday, June 15, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

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Ingress has improved its features and functions to provide users with positive experience. In this Ingress release, there are 19 new added features and 7 bugs fixed.

1.French language is added in the latest release to cater to users who are speaking French in Europe and around North Africa.

2. Added Late-In & Early Out filter options in Attendance Report Module
3. Added filter by department option in report scheduler

In this feature, the user can choose to view by department or by user.

4. Added holiday description in Group Duty Roster when mouse over

5. Added option to import holiday list from past year

Now, you can import the existing holidays from the previous year into this year easily.

6. Added Device Connection status on Alarm Event in System Settings Module 

New alarm statuses for the device connection: Connected, Disconnected.

7.  Added new search options in User module : IC/Social Security, Designation, Employee ID

8. Added more information on Roster list: Overtime Only After & Diff.OT Only After

9.  Added more Date selections for Attendance Sheet : Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, Last Payroll Cycle

10.  Added Export Short Hour & Leave Type in UBS Payroll (Malaysia)

11.  Added following new date selections for report scheduler: This Week, Last Week

12. Enhancement on Add New Roster in Attendance Module

A simplified user interface will display on hows to configure the roster.

13. Enhanced report scheduler to display email settings

14.   Enhanced show total wages, OT and etc by department in Gross Wages Report

15. Allow to schedule device synchronization through date & time

16.   Display the last executed time for report scheduler

17. Show last auto executed time of database backup
This feature is available only for automatic backup.

18. Support anonymous SMTP access
The password field now is not a compulsory to fill in the email settings.

19. Export Quick Book payroll to IIF Format (USA)

In this release, these are the bug fixed:

  • Fixed unable to add email addresses containing characters.
  • Fixed display last leave type on export attendance summary.
  • Fixed header for leave type when export attendance summary.
  • Fixed extra unknown column exported when export attendance summary.
  • Fixed wrong calculation of Total Work Hour when using 2 Flexible break in Weekly schedule.
  • Fixed export attendance error when user work half day.
  • Fixed system show “No Record Found” when export audit data.

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