Import User and Attendance Record with USB (.dat File) from the Folder Path

Thursday, September 21, 2017 FingerTec 1 Comments

In the newly released Ingress version v3.1.2.12,  we’ve added a new option to browse the path of User/Attendance USB file for importation to software. Before this, the option is only available with the USB flash disk drive location, where you need to copy the downloaded User and Attendance record from the terminal with .DAT file into the USB flash disk and plug it into the PC to read all the information.

With this new feature, you can save the user data and the transaction log (with .DAT file) that you have downloaded inside the computer itself. At the same time, you can share the .DAT file through Email, Skype or any cloud storage.

Before you can import the .DAT file, you need to add and activate the device with the Ingress software.
Go to Ingress > Device tab > Add Device. Key in the Device Name, change the Communication mode to USB file and key in the correct Device Serial number and Device ID before you can activate the device.


Once you’ve activated the device, you can start to import the User data and Transaction log by following the below instructions. You must first save or copy the .DAT file inside the PC at any folder or drive.

Import User Data.
Go to Ingress > User Tab > Read User from USB. Select and tick the option ‘Please specify the folder path to import USB .DAT file’ and select the folder where you save the .DAT file.


Import Transaction Log.
Go to Ingress > Attendance tab > Import Transaction Log. Select and tick the option ‘Please specify the folder path to import USB .DAT file’ and select the folder. System will automatically detect the .DAT file and you can preview all the transaction logs that you have downloaded.
import transaction log.png

Note: This new option is also available in the TCMS V3 software version v2.1.1.9 and above.

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  1. Thank you, I will definitely use your advice next time! Recently I could not open file. With this my friend helped me. He cleaned my computer and showed me how to open .dat file . I also saw useful tips on your site. I think with this help the next time I'll manage myself.


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