Set Permanent Door Open in Face ID 2 FMM

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Permanent door open is a type of door operation whereby the door will stay open and anybody can access it without verification. Usually this feature is applicable to  premises that need to accept many non-staff into their space such as shops, building receptions, and banks. With this option, the door will stay open for your visitors’ convenience but  the staff can still verify their daily work attendance without any problems.
Here are some examples for shop operations that can use permanent door open feature.
1.       The shop opens at 9.00 am, hence the staff will start to arrive starting at 8.30 am
        i)       Verification needs to open the door before 9.00 am
        ii)      Attendance will be recorded.
2.       The door will operate with Permanent Door Open feature during work hour from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm.
        i)       The door will stay open during this period
        ii)      Verification of staff’s attendance will work as normal

Wiring configuration
The wiring for the device is still the same, which is using NC COM connection directly to the device. If you are using our Adaptec Plus or Adaptec-X please use this convenient installation. This is not applicable on Weigand connection.
wiring 1.png

Option Settings
There are some settings  you need to do on the device. Please refer below for further information.
Menu > Access Control

menu access control.jpg

2. Set the Time Zone. To set the duration time lock to open.


3. Time Zone option view


4. Faceid 2 FMM has 50 different time zones that can be used to control a premise’s  user access. For Permanent Door Open function, we strongly recommend you to use Time Zone number 50 to avoid mix up with other Time Zones.  

5. Set the duration time for lock to open on Time Zone 50.
Refer to the diagram below, the time for permanent door open feature will operate from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm every day. Except for Sundays when the shop is closed, so the permanent door open feature will not operate.


6. Press Back and go to Access Control Option


7. Go to “NO Time Zone” and select Time Zone 50.


Now, it’s all set! But, don’t forget to check that everything works properly.

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