Download & Upload User Data and Download Transaction Data Using USB Flash Disk to Ingress

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Network and communication between FingerTec devices and software allows user to work remotely and enhance efficiency at the same time. A proper and stable network is surely an advantage for user to transfer employees and transaction logs just by a simple click. However, we understand that not all places are equipped with Internet and the terminal might need to operate on a standalone mode. In such situations the USB flash disk plays an important role to transfer data to/from terminal to/from the software for processing.

By having this features in the hardware and software, the terminal is able to operate the device on a standalone mode without extra wiring to get data back to the software. This feature will also benefit the place that does not have Internet connection.
Download Users
1.    Go to the Users Tab > Read User from USB

2.   a)    Select the USB drive
b)  Click at the “From USB” button
c)  Double click “user.dat” and the user information will be shown at the right
      panel of the window.
d)  Select user to transfer to Ingress and click the “Download” button.
3.  Go to User and You Will See the New Users in the List.
Download Transaction
    1)   Go to the “Attendance” Tab > Import Transaction Log
   2.    a)    Select the USB drive
b)  Click at the “From USB” button
c)  Double click “attlog.dat” and the transaction log will show at the right
               panel of the window.
          d)  Click the “Download” button to download the logs to the
   3.  Go to the Audit List and You Will See the Transaction Logs in the List.

   Upload User

1.   Go to the “Users” Tab > Export User to USB
2. A Smaller Window Will be Prompted for You to Insert Some Information
3.  a)     Select the user(s) to export
     b)     Select the flash disk drive
      c)     Select the user information to export
      d)     Click the button “Export”
Now you can bring the USB Flash Disk to upload the user information to the terminal.



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