How to Assign Device as Entry – Exit or In - Out

Thursday, September 21, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments


Ingress software has been loaded with a new feature named Entry-Exit Report. This report displays every user who performed In and Out activities at a device. However, this report only works if you installed an In and Out reader system at your premise. Therefore, you will at least need 2 devices installed at a door, one each for entry and exit.


By configuring this particular settings, the administrator of the software can monitor the In and Out activities of the user.


1) Complete the installation of an In-Out reader system at your premise. In Ingress, add those devices in the Device tab
Remark: If you’re using both master devices at the same door [ ex: R2 and R2], kindly add both devices in the Device tab. However, if you’re using a master and a slave device [ ex: R2 and R2c], you only need to add the master reader.


2) Then, go to Door tab > Add the devices at the door and assign which device to be the entry device

Once you assigned the device as an entry device, it will recognize the other device installed at the same door as the exit device. When everything is in place, now you can get the details of the In-Out activities from the Entry – Exit report names Entry-Exit Transaction Listing.



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