TimeTec TA : How to manage Face Template of FingerTec Face Terminal.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based solution introduced by TimeTec to handle workforce management and time attendance of an organization. Other than mobile and web clocking, FingerTec terminal is one of the other clocking option as well and as such, includes face terminals like Face ID 4.

However, as of the moment, users are not allowed to directly transfer face templates from one device to another via TimeTec TA. In other words, users will need to go through FingerTec Windows-based software such as Ingress to act as a medium for transferring face templates from Face ID terminal to another platform.

Learn how to manage face templates using FingerTec Ingress or TCMS V3 software & USB drive from this article. Below are the steps on how to transfer user’s face template from Terminal A to Terminal B:

1. Install FingerTec Ingress Microsoft Access or TCMS V3. Skip this step if you already have Ingress/TCMS V3 software installed. Download link can be found under this page : http://www.fingertec.com/software/

2. From Terminal A, insert a USB drive to the USB port. Go to the Menu > USB > Download User, and wait for the message download successful.

3.       Insert the USB drive to your PC, and launch TCMS V3 or Ingress. Go to USER tab and from there go to Read User from USB. Choose the users that you want to transfer to Terminal B, and click download to the software. Refer to screenshot shown below for further guidance.

4.       Next, go to Export User to USB and select users that you want to upload into the terminal, and click export to the USB drive.

5.       Insert the USB to Terminal B. Go to Menu > USB > Upload User. Wait for the upload successful message to appear.

Remark : However, please note that you may skip step 1, 3 & 4 if you are willing to upload all user’s information from Terminal A to Terminal B and directly continue to step 5.
All in all, the process is rather simple. However, do take note that if you are currently using TCMS V3 / Ingress, and want to transfer the user’s face templates from TCMS V3 / Ingress to FingerTec terminals, please ensure that the User ID within the software matches the User ID within TimeTec TA.


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