Manually Input Data In Attendance Sheet

Friday, June 16, 2017 FingerTec 0 Comments

Sometimes, the occasion rises where an administrator might have to manually input the clock in times of a user (e.g. when a user forgets to clock in after arriving on time, or if the terminal was down during clock in, or if the user has to see a client before checking in work). However, when an attendance sheet is generated the system may not include this information that had been keyed in, as the system only recognizes the data that had been captured by the FingerTec terminals.
To include manually input data into the attendance sheet, you will have to make sure that you tick the checkboxes mentioned below when generating a new attendance record:

By having this options, the management no need to worry if their workers forgot to punch their attendance because they can manually edit the attendance but this options not advisable to do it. The management can key in the empty slot with the correct time so that the report will not show the empty slot which will affect the calculation of payroll if the attendance slot was empty.

Convert from data audit list
To convert the transaction from the terminal data audit list into the attendance sheet based on the new setting.
Keep user changed data
To keep the manually input data (e.g. clocking time, leave taken, etc.) from being deleted during the generating process.
Only administrators are allowed to edit and tamper with the attendance sheet's data for appropriate & approved reasons. All tampered data will appear in a bold fonts. FingerTec products are designed to promote discipline and reduce tardiness in all employees.


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