Ingress Mobile - The Easier Way to Enroll Fingerprint

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 FingerTec 8 Comments

Ingress Mobile is an App designed mainly for monitoring purpose, where system admin can directly view all the event logs and door statuses using mobile phone without the need to login to the Ingress installed at a PC. Another function of Ingress Mobile is for administrator to enroll fingerprint of new users. This article will demonstrate the steps in detail.

By using Ingress mobile to enroll fingerprint, administrator can directly enroll the new user fingerprint at the device and the fingerprint information will be directly synced to Ingress Server.

1) Login to Ingress > Add terminal > Add door.

2) Login to Ingress Mobile.
-To login, Ingress mobile must be in the same network range with Ingress Server. To check the server IP, user can open command prompt and type ipconfig.

-Insert the following details in Ingress mobile app accordingly:
Server IP:
Ingress mobile port number: 3000
3) Select Enroll User

4) Under enroll user, please select the door created in Ingress:

5) Select which finger to enrol and insert the user ID

6) Click Enroll and the system will prompt user which finger is selected and enrollment must be done within 1 minute before the system resets.

7) A message will be shown on the device screen, prompting the user to perform enrollment on the terminal.

8) System will automatically save the fingerprint and the administrator can check in the Event Log to confirm the enrollment is successful.


  1. Ingress mobile does not open in ios10; tries to load and interface flashes then app crashes and on android error message communications link failure. Any reason? Server connection verified. Server version

  2. Ingress mobile show "Your ingress server version may be too old.Please update to the latest version and try again." although i had updated to ingress server version 3.1.10 using automatic update

    1. Hi Mr Fadil,

      For your info, the latest version of Ingress Server is (refer picture In this case you can try uninstall your Ingress software and reinstall back from the Control Panel to update your Ingress Server. You can download the latest installer from the following link.


  3. Hello
    I have the version of Ingress Server and the Ingress Mobile send me message "Your Ingress server version may be too old. Please update to the latest versión and try again". The version of ingress that I have is

    1. Hello Mr Armando Ortiz,

      For your update and information, I have send the answer into your email Regards.

  4. can i use r2c + ingressus iv + ingress mobile to enroll user fingerprint?

    1. Dear Muhammad Luqman Buang,

      The enroll fingerprint option in the Ingress Mobile only supported for master device only, such as Q2i, TA200Plus.

      However if you are using R2c+Ingressus controller. You must use OFIS Y scanner to enroll user fingerprint


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