Creating Weekly Schedule with Flexible Overtime on Weekends in TimeTec TA - Suitable for company requiring overtimes on rest days

Thursday, February 23, 2017 TimeTec 1 Comments

There are companies that allow or need their employees to take overtime on rest days using flexible schedules. This means that the staff will only be paid for overtime based on their total work hours taken of the off days or rest days.

By creating a new schedule for this flexible overtime, you can add this schedule into the existing group duty roster later without having to create a new group duty roster to cater for this overtime work on weekend. With this additional schedule, the admin can easily calculate the work hours and the data is compatible to payroll software of your choice.

1. Create a Weekly Schedule. Key in the times for workdays only. DO NOT fill in the times for the rest days.

2. Create a new Flexi Schedule, select Day type as Restday for the weekend.

3. On the Flexi Schedule > Go to General tab, insert time range in Double Punch to prevent double transactions within the minutes defined here.

4. Go to Overtime tab > check the box for 'Overtime & double Time for restday work'.So the system will count the working hour as Overtime on Restday.

5. Go to Schedule > Assign Schedule and Users into Roster > Add > select Group Type to Weekly

6. Insert’ Weekday Normal Hour’ schedule for Weekdays and ‘Weekend Overtime’ for Weekend.

7. This is how the Roster should be after the settings.

8. With the above settings, you can see the worktime of the employee being calculated as overtime in the Attendance Sheet if they come to work on their rest days.

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