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Scenarios and Recommendations 

Time Beacon is a small, inexpensive battery-powered device that taps on Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, a protocol that is embedded in most smartphones, tablets and other devices of today. The tiny transmitter in the Time Beacon allows users to clock their attendance easily just by using TimeTec TA App. A user just need to open the App, tap on the Beacon icon and he is good to go! All attendance record complete with location and time will be recorded on TimeTec TA immediately. 
Find out how Time Beacon could be suitable for your company. Here are a few scenarios for your reference: 

1. A Small Firm with less than 25 Staff
One (1) Time Beacon is sufficient for any office with a small group of staff around 25 people or less. The Time Beacon can be placed at the main door of the office or at the reception area where all staff can do their clocking from their smartphones.
Recommended no. of Time Beacon: 1 unit (minimum) 
In TimeTec TA, you need to create:

2. SMEs around 50 staff
Medium sized offices having around 50 staff are recommended to go for at least three (3) Time Beacons to manage the staff clocking. With more Time Beacons, the transmission range is expanded and you can create different Beacon Groups to channel users to separate beacons according to their departments for example. 
Recommended no. of Time Beacons: 3 (minimum)
In TimeTec TA, you need to create:

3. SMEs with 100 staff, double storey office building
Setting up TimeTec TA using Time Beacon for an office building with multiple storey very much depending on the location and the built-up area. If you have 3 small offices at 3 different levels, each unit should have at least one (1) Time Beacon installed. However, if the office has a wide space area, it is recommended to install 2 or 3 Time Beacons per level/office to cover the entire office area and group the staff so they know which Time Beacon is meant for them. 
Recommended no. of Time Beacons: 6 (minimum)
In TimeTec TA, you need to create:

4. Factory of approximately 300 workers
Factory workers have multiple shifts, and the production more often than not operates 24/7. To ensure daily attendance records are being recorded at all times, it is recommended to cover all entrances and exits so that workers know the location of the Time Beacon and they can access to it easily. The management can group users by department or working shift to smoothen the flow of the employee and not jamming a Time Beacon at a given time.
Recommended no. of Time Beacons: 10 (minimum)
In TimeTec TA, you need to create:

5. Office Tower of 1000 staff
Multinational companies having their own office tower can also use Time Beacon to ease their attendance clocking. Depending on the size of the office tower, it’s recommended to install at least 5 Time Beacons or more on every level. Install the Time Beacon at open areas such as lobby halls, entrances of the office and also inside offices to ease clocking process. 
Recommended no. of Time Beacons: 50 (minimum)
In TimeTec TA, you need to create:

1. Create Beacon List
Go to Device > NFC | Beacon > NFC | Beacon List > Click Add > Select Beacon > Enter the Beacon ID and  Beacon name, and click Save icon. 
2. Register Time Beacon via Mobile
Login to TimeTec TA mobile app > Go to Settings > NFC | Beacon > Select the location name to register the Beacon. 
For Android, check the distance or UUID to identify the Beacon.
For iOS, insert the UUID number to register the Beacon. 
3. Create Beacon Group to group the beacons and users
In TimeTec TA, go to Device > NFC | Beacon>  NFC | Beacon Group > Click Add > Enter the Group ID and Location name.
4. Assign Time Beacon
Click Assign Checkpoints and select the Beacon to be assigned to the group.
5. Assign Users
Click Assign Users and select all users to allow users to clock through that Beacon.

As Time Beacon is an affordable BLE transmitter, place it at an open area to have smooth  transmission. Don’t block the Time Beacon because the transmission will not get through and will cause the app to keep trying. 

Get the step-by-step instructions on how to set Time Beacon with TimeTec TA here


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