Introducing 2-Factor Authentication

Wednesday, February 08, 2017 FingerTec 0 Comments

Introducing 2-Factor Authentication, an optional security feature that protects your account, in the event your password is compromised. For increased security, we recommend that you configure 2-factor authentication (2FA) to help protect your TimeTec accounts. 2FA adds extra security because it requires users to enter a unique authentication code from an approved authentication device. Striving to provide our users peace of mind, we work with renowned third party provider - Google Authenticator to enhance the security level of your TimeTec account. 

This 2-factor authentication feature definitely improves security because signing in will require 2 things - a code generated by the Google Authenticator mobile app in addition to your account password.

To enable this feature, go to System Settings, select 2-Factor Authentication option with:
a. ON (Compulsory) if you wish to apply to all users, or 
b. ON (Selected users) if you wish to only apply to certain users

Once you selected option (a), all users will receive an email automatically to guide them on how to setup the 2-Factor Authentication.

If you only want this feature to be applied to certain users, select option (b) and go to Manage User, choose users by checking the checkbox, and select Enable 2-Factor Authentication from Manage pulldown. 

Click Yes, to confirm assignment of selected user(s) for 2-Factor Authentication.

Once users are assigned to 2-Factor Authentication, they will receive an email to guide them with the Setup process. 

Click Login and Setup from the email, login with your credentials as usual and the system will direct you to the setup. Follow the steps from the setup and you are good to go. You may choose to turn off the 2-Factor Authentication if your company no longer require it’s use.



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