TCMSv3 Release Note v3.0.0.11

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 TimeTec 5 Comments

For this month, FingerTec has released TCMSv3 software v3.0.0.11 which adds 22 new features and
6 bugs fix to enhance the user experience when using TCMSv3 Software.

New Release

1. Upgraded DevExpress v19.2

2. Added new themes and remove obsolete themes

3. Added Delete audit data log from user which have been removed

4. Revamp UI Roster assign user into Roster

5. Revamp UI Payclass add user into Payclass

6. Revamp Database Configuration in System Settings
i) Revamp UI display in tab form

ii) Added Compact & Repair in Database Management

iii) Added Diagnostic in Database Management

7. Added Reset button for reset default settings Attendance Tab in System Settings

8. Added new filter option "Day Type" in Attendance Sheet

9. Added option to hide "Short" in Attendance Sheet

10. Added list for holiday details for Calendar View when mouse over total holiday

11. Added option to configure color each status for User Scheduler

12. Added option to Duplicate User Scheduler Task which completed

13. Revamp Data Audit List
i) Added Recent button in Data Audit List which display recent 100 logs

ii)  Added filter option for Display False Log (User ID = 0) in Data Grid

iii) Enhance No Record message in Data Audit List which always display last record information

14. Added filter option "Designation" when Select User from list

15. Enhance Schedule Rounding which can support up to 3 digits

16. Added Date Format in Option for Export Attendance Details

17. Enhance Attendance Photo display next if current minute have multiple photos

18. Display Attendance Photo when right click Other Clocking Time in Attendance Sheet

19. Added Rename for Schedule & Roster in Tree View Item

20. Added Pay Rate to 3 decimal places in System Settings

21. Revamp Report
i) Added Group by Group Duty Roster in Attendance Summary Report, Attendance Analysis Report
and Attendance Sheet Report

ii) Added Total Late In and Total Early Out in Tardiness Report

iii) Added conditions and filters for tardiness options in Tardiness Report

iv) Added Designation selection filter in Monthly Staff Duty Roster Report

v) Added support for 3 decimal places pay rate in Gross Wages Report

22.Added Pay Type and Rate Hour in TCMSv2 Migration

Bug Fixed

1.  Fixed incorrect display for Summary when applied comma
2. Fixed overly small font size of date column when generate report in Arabic language
3. Fixed failed to display Total Work Hour in Detailed ETC report if the schedule is overnight
4. Fixed email text field unable to insert "-" symbol after "@" of email format
5. Fixed failed to import fingerprint of user from Webster through Webster Migration Wizard
6. Fixed incorrect department added to TCMSv3 when import users through TCMSv2 Migration


  1. Hi Good day! I would like to ask if how can I show Total Days and Total Present at Electronic Time Card?? because after i updated TCMS into new version I notice that the total present days are gone.
    Thanks for the help in advance.

    1. Hello Sir/Madam,

      Please uncheck on option Work/Total OT before you generate the report in order to view the total day and present . Please refer to this screenshot :

  2. Thank you for the response but I have been already unchecked the Work/OT Total and nothing happened. Please see this screenshot:

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hello Sir,

      If you are still experiencing the same issue, please send us the database backup to so that our team can check on your issue further


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