Add Your Tenant Details in i-Neighbour (for Rental house/unit)

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In this article, we will demonstrate the steps to change your house status from “owner” to “rental” (by admin/management only) and the steps to add your tenant details and their phone number as the intercom number. This is to ensure all tenant details will be recorded in the i-Neighbour system before they are permitted to use the i-Neighbour mobile application.

Also, the guard will be able to call directly to the master tenant whenever a visitor shows up. This feature upgrade is also done based on the feedback most house rental owners had submitted, given to the fact the guards always ring them at the first place whenever his/her tenant has a visitor/visitors.

Step 1 - Change your house status from “Owner” to “Rental”

To change the house status, contact your management/committee directly.
Upon successful changes, the status will be changed from owner to rental.
(i-Neighbour Apps > Profile picture > My unit)

Steps 2 - Add your master tenant/tenant and invite them to use the i-Neighbour apps

Master Tenant - Unit owner for the rental unit (For example: the father)
Tenant - Add other family member(s) (For example: the wife, the daughter or the son)

To add Master tenant > Press the BLUE icon > Key in the NAME > Select RELATIONSHIP > Submit > Share the link to the master tenant > Wait for master tenant’s account to be activated

Note :
1. By default, the i-Neighbour system will only allow the house/unit owner to add in the master tenant and tenant. If the master tenant wishes to invite his family members to join the i-Neighbour apps, the house/unit owner will need to add and invite via his i-Neighbour apps.
2. If the management enables the features that allow the master tenant to add in new tenant(s) by himself, the master tenant can then add in new family members individually whenever is required.

For more information on adding new tenant and activating the account, kindly refer to the link below: How to Invite Your Family Members/Tenants into i-Neighbour App and Activate an Account

Steps 3 - Add tenant(s) telephone number for intercom used

To add intercom number i-Neighbour apps > Profile picture > My Unit > Contact No. > Click on the Pencil icon.
1.1 Add tenant name and contact number
1.2 Turn off ‘Enable for guard viewing' for owner contact number. (Security will see the tenant contact number as the first contact on the i-Vizit tablet). Once it is turned off from the guards’ viewing, a prompt message will emerge on the screen for owners to confirm and save.

Note: Before turning off/disable the owner contact from guard view, make sure the master tenant has activated his account. The system will not allow the owner to disable contact from guard view if the tenant account is still not activated.

If you are still having problems after completing all of the steps stated above, please contact us via

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.


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