Using TimeTec Leave App for The First Time

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

TimeTec Leave App provides users with a useful platform for leave management system without the usual hassle. As such, employees and employers can apply leave or approve leave respectively via the mobile application.

By having TimeTec Leave App on your smartphone at all times, you can manage your leave easier because all data and commands are accessible when you need it.

For TimeTec Leave users to be able to carry out any request via the App, the admins will first need to carry out a few configurations within TimeTec Leave account as shown below.

A) Configure a login credential for the user
1) Login to your TimeTec Leave account > go to User > Manage User tab
2) Select the user > Click Edit > go to System Information tab > configure the options listed below
- Login User Name [email – please ensure that the email address is valid]
- Login Password

B) How to apply leave via Mobile App
1) Login to TimeTec Leave

2) Go to Application List > select Application > click “+” sign to request for leave

3) Fill in all the leave request form > click Submit

4) You can also buzz the admins to remind them on the approval

Remark: The Approvers are the Admins that you’ve assigned within TimeTec Leave account. You may refer to this link on how to configure the System Admin Role:

C) How to cancel leave application
1) Go to Application > View the listed leave > click Cancel Application
2) Enter the reason for the cancellation and click Submit

D) How to approve leave for the Admin

1) Go to Application List > click Approval
Remark: All of the requested leave from the employees will be listed in the Approval tab
2) Select the leave to approve


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