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Monday, November 20, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

The Roster View within TimeTec TA App is a handy feature that helps to centralise and keep track of all your roster schedules; be it past, current or future. Not only can you view your attendance history and upcoming schedule here, it has also been designed based on a calendar format which will sync the company holidays and also lets you personalise your calendar by adding a note to any selected date.
Besides a ‘Personal’ Roster for each user, Admins also have the access to an overview roster for ‘All’ as well as being able to view users’ attendance directly from the roster. Let’s explore and navigate the different views available for this feature.

Roster - ‘Personal’
1. This roster is available for all users.
2. Go to Menu > Roster.

3. You will notice your current month’s roster displayed as below. Use the arrows to navigate to another month. Features here include:
3a) Different colour highlights for certain dates.
i. Yellow: Today
ii. Blue circle, clear background: Selected date
ii. Red: Holiday
iii. Blue: Leave

3b) At the bottom of the screen, each day’s attendance clocking records are shown and you can select any other date to view. You will find your assigned schedule, work time, short hour and overtime listed. 

 3c) Below that, there is a list of Off Duty Users for the entire organisation.

4. Touch and hold/long press on any date to add a simple note (maximum 250 characters). Once done, you can save the note, and edit the note if necessary later on.

Roster Overview - ‘All’
1. This roster is available for Admin only.
2. Go to Menu > Roster.
3. You will be taken to the default view which is your Personal roster. Tap on the bar at the top of the screen to switch and view the All roster.

4. You will notice the current month’s overview roster displayed as below. Use the arrows to navigate to another month.
5. At the bottom of the screen, working shifts (schedules) assigned to users within the entire organisation are displayed. This is for users that are working on that particular day. Select the shift to view more details.


6. More details of the schedule are provided. Tap to view all users assigned to this shift.

7. Furthermore, you can view today’s clocking activities for a selected user directly from this page.

8. You can also select Attendance at the most bottom part of the calendar that will lead you to the Attendance screen for that date.


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