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Introducing the newest method to verify patrol duty of security guard in TimeTec Patrol. On top  of NFC Tags, now TimeTec Patrol can be paired with BEACON for checkpoint verification.

Steps to Create a Patrol Checkpoint with Beacon

1. Go to ROUTES tab > LOCATIONS & CHECKPOINTS, add BUILDING or FLOOR based on the location you want to configure.

2. You will be able to add a CHECKPOINT by right clicking the FLOOR that you have created and click on Add CHECKPOINT.

3. Insert the name of the CHECKPOINT and click Save.

3. You will find information of your CHECKPOINT listed on the right side.

4. Click on the EDIT button and choose your CHECKPOINT enrollment option, NFC or BEACON.

5. Click on the radio button for BEACON and change the checkpoint status to “ACTIVE” and click Save.
6. Using the mobile application, the admin will need to select the BEACON available within the list to complete enrollment for the CHECKPOINT. Go to Menu > Routes & Checkpoints > Enroll Checkpoints > Select Routes > Select Checkpoints > Choose

*Note: Turn on Bluetooth to detect the nearest Beacon(s) available for enrollment. Reading perimeter is approximately 10 meter.


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