Use System Roles in TimeTec to Control Access Rights to the System

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Please note that the information and images below refer to TimeTec TA software. However, this particular module/ feature is also available in TimeTec Patrol and TimeTec Leave with the same rules and functionality, hence you can also use this as reference for all three abovementioned softwares.

In view of security concerns, TimeTec TA offers control of access rights to authorized users as permitted by the organization. By default, there are only two types of User Role:
1. Master (System Administrator) who have full access and responsible for setting up and maintaining the TimeTec TA system
2. Normal User - TimeTec TA allows customer to create and customize the access rights they are given to the Admin roles. With the system roles, they are able to assign select access rights to select employees. For example, you can create Technical Support Level 2 that does not have access to information about the Technical Support Level 1.

To better understand the System Role function in TimeTec TA and how to create System Role correctly.

A. Creating A New System Role
To create a new system role in TimeTec TA, go to User > Manage System Roles and Admin> System Role> Add. Name the System Role, for example Technical Support Level 2

1. You can copy access rights from the existing System Role and edit accordingly.
2. Describe the System Role for easy reference
3. Organization structure> Select “Full Division” for the system role to be able to have access to all the users inside the Organization Structure, or Select “Partial Division” to be able to select the preferred departments of the organization for the system role holder to access
4. Full Module Right > Click on “Full Module Right” that grants access to all the available modules in TimeTec TA, or click on “Partial Module Right” for selected modules and authority of Viewing and Editing. Choose and click accordingly based on the rights assigned to the System Role.
5. Press Submit, go to Admin page to add the users to admin list.

B. Assigning the System Role to Admin
Go to the Admin tab and select the preferred System Role for them and they will navigate TimeTec TA with the given access rights only.


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