Using Patrol Routes in TimeTec Patrol

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In TimeTec Patrol’s setup stage, once you have created the necessary checkpoints in ‘Locations & Checkpoints’, the next stage will then be assigning those checkpoints to a patrol route. The steps for that will be covered in the section below. Another thing to note here is that you also need to create patrol routes first before the Admin Guard can enrol NFC tags or Beacons via Mobile App. Following that, in order to complete the setup; the patrol routes and guards will each have to be added into the schedules for guard patrolling duties.
General Question
1. Can a guard delete a patrol route from their smartphone? Can the Admin do the same as well?
Neither guards nor the Admin Guard can delete the patrol routes from their smartphone. Only the administrator can manage the patrol routes through TimeTec Patrol web portal. Even then, based on the settings within ‘Manage System Roles & Admin’ page, only the Master Admin role has full rights (include deleting patrol routes) while normal administrator may or may not be given the same rights to do so.

1. Go to Routes > Patrol Routes. Select your Patrol Location and ensure that you have already configured the Checkpoints for that location > Click on Add.

2. Insert the route ID and Name. You will then see a list of all available checkpoints for that patrol location in the left panel.
Note: Only activated checkpoints will appear on the list. There is also a NFC/Beacon icon preceding each checkpoint to indicate the type of device used for that particular checkpoint.

3. Select the appropriate Scanning Rules for this route. As such, please consider the distance between checkpoints, the need for flexibility or routine as well as it being high-rise plans/open spaces.
a) Follow Sequence: Guard(s) must scan the 1st checkpoint before moving on to the 2nd checkpoint in the sequence and so on.
b) Random Scan: Guard(s) can choose to scan in any random order but must complete all checkpoints before ending the tour.

4. Select the Checkpoint(s) from the list (One Checkpoint can be added to more than one route). Note that you can also select >> button to add all.

5. Next, set the Interval Scan and the time Tolerance for each checkpoint to determine the estimated route duration of the patrol route.
a) Interval Scan (min) - Time allocated for the interval between scans required at each checkpoint, e.g. if you set 10 mins interval for checkpoint 2, the guard(s) will then be expected to complete the scan at checkpoint 2 within 10 mins after completing the scan at checkpoint 1.
b) Tolerance (min) - Amount of deviation +/- allowed between the actual interval and the scheduled interval scan time before it is considered as tardy. For example, if you set 10 mins interval and 3 mins tolerance for checkpoint 2, once the guards have surpassed the 10 mins interval time, they will still have an allowance of 3 mins to complete the scan before it is considered as tardy.

6. If you have configured it as Random Scan, please note that there are also additional points to consider.
a) Only key in the estimated time required to complete the whole route, e.g. 90 min at End Route’s Interval Scan. With this, the exact time is not specified for Interval Scans but all checkpoint scans are still mandatory in order to complete the tour. This also means that tardiness will not be considered for each checkpoint scan. Only the Start and End tour will have tardiness displayed if the guard has started late or ended late.

7. Lastly, determine the settings for when guard(s) can start their patrol tour > Submit. Please refer to the information in the Q&A below for an explanation on how the options can be used.
Q. When exactly can guards start the patrol?
Q (i) Can the guards start earlier than the scheduled time of 10.00 am? For instance at 9.00 am, if there are exceptional circumstances?
Cannot start tour __ min before schedule starts”- If your security policy does not allow for major changes in schedule, you can enable this option and set it at 10 minutes. With that, the guard(s) on duty can only begin patrol tour from 9.50am and not any earlier. Likewise, if you input 60 minutes, this corresponds with the allowed starting time of 9.00am.
However, if you do not enable the above function, then the guards are only allowed to start tour from the exact scheduled time, i.e. 10.00 am.

Q (ii) What if the guards are late to start their round which is supposed to begin at 10.00am and end by 12.00pm?
Cannot start tour __ min before schedule ends”- If you choose to enable this option and set it at 90 minutes, the guards can only start the tour via the Patrol App latest by 10.30am. Also, if you skip this, then the guards are allowed to start duty latest by 12.00 pm.
However, take note that even if allowed, any actual late scanned time will still be displayed in red to indicate tardiness.

8. Note that you can only delete a route (trash icon appears in Edit) if it is not assigned to any patrol schedule. Furthermore, patrol routes that have been used will not be enabled for deletion as well.


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