Getting Started with TimeTec Patrol App

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Introduction TimeTec Patrol app is a mobile application for TimeTec Patrol; a cloud-based Guard Management System for security firms available at This mobile app needs to be installed on NFC/ BLE-enabled smartphones and during patrol rounds, guards perform duty by tapping the phone on NFC tags (or scan for Beacons) scattered along their assigned route.

Benefit Through this app, not only can guards confirm they have been at the assigned routes’ locations during patrol duty, they can also report incidents, send photos and request for S.O.S distress message during emergencies. In addition, based on the BYOD concept, guards can be allowed to use their existing phones in the system, thereby reducing the investment in specialised tools and deployment cost.

FAQ 1. Do security companies need to prepare smartphones for the guards or they can use their own? You can choose either one. However, please make sure that the smartphone is paired with TimeTec Patrol before it can be used. 2. What’s the minimum smartphone specifications for TimeTec Patrol? Any Android phone with OS v 4.0.0 and above that comes with NFC and/or BLE functionality. 3. Sometimes Internet connectivity is not stable when I'm using mobile app. Can I still use the app when the Internet connection is lost? Don't worry about it, the offline mode in TimeTec Patrol mobile will still store and save the important information and transmitted it back to the server once you back online. Refer to the steps here .

Note: If you have signed up for TimeTec Patrol account for your company, you are the account owner and your e-mail address is assigned as the System Admin. For Mobile app access, you are required to create a new TimeTec user ID, with a Login user name and password to be able to login.

Setting up Admin Guard & Normal Guards For guards to be able to use the TimeTec Patrol App during their patrol rounds, Admin need to pre-configure the below: 1. Go to your TimeTec Patrol account > User > Manage User tab > click Manage to Add Guard. Otherwise, if you have already added user previously, select the user > Click Edit.
2. Ensure that you have entered the following information (Compulsory to be added for Guard to gain access to the mobile app):
 - Name
 - Organization Structure (Select the relevant Patrol Location, e.g Bandar Kinrara Sec 4 - 5)
 - System Information: Enter the TimeTec User ID, Issuance Date, Login User Name (Email Address), Login Password
Note: System Admin can always set a new login password here for all users.
3. Assign Admin Guard
We recommend for you to assign Admin Guard for every patrol location especially to perform NFC/Beacon enrolment via the Mobile app. Assign Admin Guard role at User > Manage System Roles & Admin > Add > Select the added guard Login email > Select the system role (e.g. Master) > Enter the Guard password > Submit.

4. At Routes tab, select Patrol Devices > Patrol Devices List > Add > Enter the Patrol Device Name.
5. Next, you will have to add the Mobile ID of the smartphone. Open the TimeTec Patrol app, at the Login Page of your Mobile app > Click on Mobile ID. Then, at the web application, enter the prompted Mobile ID into the Mobile ID box of the newly added patrol device (The pairing code will appear automatically). You will need the pairing code later when the guard first login from the device.

6. Next, go to Assign Security Guards to Device tab > Select the Patrol Location > Click on Assign > Select a Patrol Device > Select Security Guard(s) to be assigned to the device. You can assign more than one guard to a single Patrol Device (guards can share the mobile phone).

First time login - Normal Guard
7. For first time login, guard will need to insert username and password, and enter the pairing code of the Patrol device, obtained from Step 5 above.

8. From the main menu, select Routes & Checkpoints. If you have already been assigned a route for patrol duty, it will be listed here on the relevant date. Choose the route to start your tour.

First time login - Admin Guard
9. Similar to the guard login, admin also will need to enter the pairing code obtained from Step 5 above. Once logged in, Admin guard can perform NFC/Beacon enrolment and check on patrol duty.

10. To enrol NFC tags or Beacon, at the main Menu, select Routes & Checkpoints. Then, select Enroll Checkpoints. 
Note: TimeTec Patrol’s Admin need to create patrol routes first in the web application before Admin Guard can enrol NFC tags or Beacons via Mobile App.

11. Choose the preferred route for checkpoint enrolment.
12. Tap your Device at the NFC button (or scan via bluetooth for Beacon enrolment) and press Submit to have the Checkpoint ID registered.


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