Clock In Automatically with Beacon using TimeTec TA App

Saturday, January 21, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

Starting December 2016, Time Beacon has been added as an attendance clocking option in TimeTec TA along with biometrics/card through FingerTec terminals, web clocking and mobile clocking. This article demonstrates the convenience of Time Beacon clocking in TimeTec TA Mobile App.

If you are still new to Time Beacon, you may refer to the following links to get familiar with this small gadget with amazing capability:

Fun Fact:
How to Enroll Beacon in TimeTec TA:

Now with the latest release of TimeTec Mobile version 4.6.2, you can now clock in without having to choose the checkpoint from the Beacon List. The system can now detect the nearest Beacon and accept the clocking automatically.

1. Login to your TimeTec Mobile App

2. Go to Menu > Clocking

3. Here you can choose the method of clock in: Location Tracking, Beacon, and NFC (for Android phones only).  Click on the Beacon sign and the system will detect the nearest Beacon available and accept the clocking automatically. Generally, the working distance for Beacon is approximately 10m.

If there is no Beacon nearby, a message will be shown as below:


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