New Language Release for AC100C and TA100C

Tuesday, October 09, 2012 TimeTec 2 Comments

You can customize your FingerTec terminal display and audio to your preferred language. All FingerTec models are preset with the English language as the standard display and audio language.

For localization of your terminals, you can remove or add in different languages into the FingerTec terminals. A terminal can support a maximum of 3 languages.

We have released 14 new languages packs for our multimedia models, the AC100C and TA100C terminal:

**Click on the preferred language above to download.

Follow the below steps to upload the language pack:

  1.  Insert your terminal's IP Address and click Connect.
  2. Check the Manu Date (manufactured date) displayed in the list upon connection.
  3. If you terminal's Manu Date is before July 2008, please select Customize Options, or else just select Default Options
  4. Click Update and wait for the process to complete.
  5. The terminal will restart itself upon the completion of the upload.

Click here for some additional information on what you should take note while uploading the language pack.

If you need any additional guidance while uploading the language pack for AC100C or TA100C, please email us at or contact us here.

Contributed by: SF Lim
Edited by: Vincent


  1. So when is HINDI being added, Asia's largest speaking language.

  2. Hi Mr. Mehta,

    Actually we are currently working on adding the Hindi language to our software and hardware, but are having slight difficulty with getting the script to be displayed properly. We will announce the release once we have overcome this. Bare with us for the time being!

    If you have any tips on this please share with us at We'll appreciate it!

    - FingerTec Support Team


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