Show Zero Hour Function

Friday, October 05, 2012 TimeTec 2 Comments

With the new function “Show Zero Hour”, you can generate a full report irregardless of the accuracy or errors during daily verification. By default, reports without selecting the “Show Zero Hour” function will not show the transaction data for employees who are on Holiday, Restday, and missed punch.

Image 1: Settings by default (Show Zero Hour not selected)

Image 2: Report generated from date 01/09/2012 till date 30/09/2012

From above screenshots (image 1 & 2), you can see that the report generated only showed the complete employee data. While for incomplete data as missed punch, restday and holiday is not shown in the report. By selecting the “Show Zero Hour” setting before generating the report, you can generate a report with the complete transaction data.

Image 3: Set “Show Zero Hour” function

Image 4: Report generated from the same database from the date 01/09/2012 till date 30/09/2012

Referring to the above screenshots (image 3 & 4), you can see that now the complete data is shown in the report including the dates with transaction data errors.

Contributed by:  SF Lim
Edited by: Vincent


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