How to Customize a Receipt Printer Communication Cable

Friday, October 05, 2012 FingerTec 9 Comments

The original communication cable that comes with the EPSON Thermal Printer TM-T88IV is not compatible with the FingerTec terminals. A modification to the cable is required before you can use it with the FingerTec terminals.

Things to prepare:

1 X Male Serial Socket (9 pins).
1 X Male Parallel socket (25 pins).
1 X RS485 cable (1 meter).

Step 1: Solder the wires at RS485 cable to the serial socket as shown at the photo above.
Pin 2 – Orange, Pin 3 – Brown, Pin 5 - Red

Step 2: Solder the wires at the other end of the RS485 cable to the serial socket as shown at the photo above. Pin 2 – Brown, Pin 3 – Orange, Pin 7 – Red

Step 3: Place the soldered socket with the wires back to the casing.

Step 4: Screw and assemble the casing together.

Step 5: The printer cable is ready to be used.

Contributed By: SF Lim
Edited by: Vincent


  1. Normally nowadays Thermal receipt printer come with Serial Socket (9 pins)1side female & another side is male. So what to do with this condition? for parallel socket 25pin is quite less in market d.

  2. Hi Sin Huat Lim,

    We will check the matter with our support team and come back to you.

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