Installation Diagram for R2 (FEM565) - R2c with New AdapTec Plus

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

With the new release of our latest products, terminal installation might differ from our previous guide and diagram. Below is a full installation wiring diagram for R2 (FEM565) – R2c with the New AdapTec Plus.

If the R2c does not respond upon installation, please check the Dip Switch setting below:

Note: Do not adjust the dip switch. Make sure it is set to the default settings as shown in the image.

and also enable the R2c setting at the R2(565): Press Menu > Option > Access Option > 485 Reader Function > Y

For more information regarding R2c, click here to see its manual.

Contributed by Azim
Edited by Vincent


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