TC20 Door Access Wiring Diagram

Friday, September 02, 2022 TimeTec 0 Comments

TC 20 New lineup device for TimeTec HR solution that can cater to attendance records and access control needs for any organisation. It's been equipped with facial recognition, touch-less attendance record and access equipment that fits its need. 
For attendant record purposes, TC 20 can be connected with a 12Vdc male jack connector power supply (provided) and LAN cable for internet connection, TC 20 has also been equipped with a WIFI module for easy Internet connection. The device will send all attendance data to Timetec TA.
For these tips, connection for TC 20 as access door equipment has been shared as a reference on how to connect TC 20 with door access

1) TC 20 with 12Vdc power supply wiring diagram

2) TC20 With Adaptec Plus wiring diagram

3) TC20 + TC 20 with 12Vdc power supply wiring diagram

4) TC20 + TC20 with Adaptec Plus wiring diagram

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