How to Check Bounce Invoices in i-Account

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In i-Account, you can perform billing and upload invoices to i-Neighbour for the owners to view their invoices through the i-Neighbour app.
However, even after clicking on upload, there can be instances where specific invoices are not successfully uploaded to i-Neighbour (bounce). The leading cause for this is a mismatch of the owner’s account code (invalid account code) in both systems. 

To rectify this, refer to the steps below:
A) How to Check the Bounce Invoice Listing
1) In order to check on the list of bounced invoices, go to Property > Batch Invoice.

2) Click on the Bounce Invoice icon to retrieve the listing.

3) All the invoices that failed to be uploaded to i-Neighbour will be listed. Refer to the “Error Message” column for more information on the source of the error. 

B) How to Rectify the Error Message
Usually, the cause of the bounce invoices is “Invalid Account Code”, which means the user cannot find the Account Code for that particular debtor in i-Account inside i-Neighbour. So, to rectify this issue, Admin has to update the Account Code in i-Neighbour, and it will automatically sync to i-Account. The steps are as below: 

1) Log in to i-Neighbour and go to the Community > Manage Unit to update the Account Code.

2) Select the Block for that particular unit, for example Block A. 

3) Next, select the Unit Number, for instance, A-10-3. 

4) Click on the edit (pencil) icon.

5) Update the Account Code accordingly and click “Save” to update the changes. 

C) Reupload the Bounce Invoice after Updating Account Code 
1) In i-Account, go to Invoice > Batch Invoice > Bounce Invoice page again, and click on the upload icon (Arrow) to reupload the invoices. For instance, Admin want to upload IV-2020-2509, then just click the upload icon. 

2) This pop out message will appear and Admin needs to click “OK” to proceed with the reupload process.

3) Next, another message will appear. Click on “OK” to proceed. 

4) Once the invoice is successfully uploaded, it will be removed from the Bounce Invoice listing. IV-2020-2509 already removed from listing. 

D) Verifying Invoice Uploaded Successfully to i-Neighbour
Once Admin re upload the invoice to i-Neighbour, Admin need to verify whether the invoice is successfully upload or not by following the below steps:
1) Login to i-Neighbour by clicking this icon at the top right of the i-Account page.

2) Once login to i-Neighbour, go to E-Billing > Invoices to recheck whether the invoice is successfully uploaded or not.

3) Use the search bar to find the unit number and we can see the invoice listed in this page if successfully uploaded. 

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.

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