TCMS v3 Software Release v3.0.2.5

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 TimeTec 6 Comments

This month FingerTec has released TCMS v3 software v3.0.2.5, adding 15 new features and 6 bugs fixed.

New Release
1.  Added Search option for Department in the tree view

2. Added an option for user to choose the customized columns to be displayed in the User Module

3. Added Total User Information in the User Module

4. Added an option to assign a color to categorize departments in the tree view. The department list follows the sequence by its date of assign, whichever assigned first will be displayed on the top of the list.

5. Added batch update option to upload the user's photo in the Batch Update User. The admin needs to choose the folder path and name the user photo using relevant User ID.

6. Added Autofill option for Clocking Schedule. This option will automatically fill in the time in empty slots, designed specifically for Workday only. 

7. Added Rounding option for Short Hour in the Weekly, Daily and Flexi Schedule Settings

8. Added Do not show Holiday List option in the Roster

9. Added Time Format AM/PM in the Export Data Audit List Type 2

10. Added Health Screening Rights in the User Role

11.Added Health Screening option for Visitor

12.Added Health Screening Visitor Report

13.  Added option to Create New User whenever the system performs Auto Download Attendance Logs from the terminal.

14. Added an option to configure Temperature Threshold for Health Screening in System Settings

15.Enhanced Health Screening Summary Report Processing Time

16. Resolved Opening TCMS V3 responding issue
17. Resolved Auto schedule issue when creating Daily Schedule in Simple Schedule Setup
18. Resolved Flexi Schedule Clocking time migration issue in TCMS V2
19. Resolved Devices Searching Issue in the tree view
20. Resolved inaccurate result when exporting Data Audit List (when the user untick "Export False Identification Log”)
21. Resolved UI bug at Template Configuration for SQL Payroll


  1. Hi Good Day! Can I print the Active users only? instead of selecting each active user in the list? thanks

    1. Dear Sir / Ma'am,

      Good day to you,

      Kindly be informed that you can hide the inactive users from the users list by not checking the 'Display Suspended and Expired User' option in System Settings > System Parameter Settings > User (refer to this screenshot:

      Thanks & Best Regards

  2. Thank you for the response, but what is the scope of this option? Because nothing happens when I unselected the checkbox.

    1. Dear Sir / Ma'am,

      If you have suspended a user or the user has expired (refer here:, the system will not display the user in the user list (refer here:

      Thanks & Best Regards

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