How To Perform Uploading Photos by Batch To Smart AC1/Smart AC1-TD/Smart AC1-FTD/FaceID 5/FaceID 5-TD/FaceID 5-FTD

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To enroll face templates of all staff for a large workforce organization can be challenging. However, AWDMS is now released with an easier approach to facilitate the uploading process of user photos to the device(s) and use as face templates for verification purposes.

The filename for each staff’s photo should follow his/her employee ID (numeric).<image format>. E.g. 123.jpg/ 22450.bmp/ 3321.gif/ 679800.png.

Photo Requirements

1.File Size & Format : JPG format compressed image with not more than 20kb size. Image Format Should be in BMP, JPG or JPEG.

2.Photo resolution & Dimension : 24bit true color mode. Definition rate between 358 x 441 to 1080 x 1920. 

3.Black & White or Color Image : Requirements for Visible Light Digital Face Image Data Digital photo should be straight edged, colored, half-portrayed with only one person, and the person should be uncharted and not in uniform. 

4.Environment & Background : White background with dark-colored apparel.  The captured person should be clearly seen, natural in color, and without image obvious twist, no shadow, light spot or reflection in face or background, and appropriate contrast and lightness level. Face Complete face with clear contour, real scale, evenly distributed light, and no shadow. Facial Expression Plain face or smile with eyes naturally open are recommended. 

5.Glasses or No Glasses : Persons who wear eyeglasses should remain to put on eyeglasses for photo capturing. Accessories Masks and colored eyeglasses are not allowed. The frame of the eyeglasses should not shield eyes and should not reflect light.  

6.Distance & Scale : Eye Distance 200 pixels or above are recommended with no less than 115 pixels of distance. Gesture and Angel Horizontal rotating angle should not exceed ±10°, elevation should not exceed ±10°, and depression angle should not exceed ±10°.  The vertical scale of head and body should be 2:1. The photo should include the captured person’s shoulders at the same horizontal level. The captured person should be eyes-open and with clearly seen iris. Plain face or smile is preferred, showing teeth is not preferred.

All photo images can be saved in a designated folder. Once the photo images are ready, the admin can then proceed with the steps as follows:

1. Login to AWDMS. Input the default username and password by admin.

2. Click on the People icon at the top bar, click import > import Personnel Photo (as shown in the picture below):

3. Once a pop-up window has been prompted, click Please Select Photo button, go to the folder where you have saved all user photo images. You may at any one time select only up 500 photo images. Click Start Upload. Repeat step 2 until all user photo images have been uploaded into the device(s).

4. You may get the users to verify themselves at the device(s)

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.

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