Connecting ZKTeco devices to TimeTec Cloud solutions

Tuesday, October 08, 2019 TimeTec 7 Comments

TimeTec has paid close attention to building/linking the connection for TimeTec solutions with ZKTeco devices after receiving immense inquiries from ZKTeco partners and users. Customers prefer to manage their staff attendance, physical access and visitors from the cloud while retaining their installed ZKTeco devices. As for smart residential communities, customers have also proposed their interest in utilizing i-Neighbour with a connection to the ZKTeco hardware.

It is exciting to know that our customers’ satisfaction has been achieved. We did successfully integrated our TimeTec cloud solutions to the ZKTeco devices.

Most of the ZKTeco devices comes with ADMS or WDMS function. These ADMS or WDMS features allow the ZKTeco devices to push devices status, settings, user data, and attendance/access records back to a web server, for example, ZKTeco BioTime and ZKBiosecurity. The web server allows administrators to manage ZKTeco devices, and to process attendance/access records into some useful outputs and reports.

To link-up TimeTec Cloud solutions with ZKTeco devices, we have developed TimeTec A-WDMS Cloud Server on the Amazon AWS platform. TimeTec A-WDMS cloud server connects to ZKTeco devices in order to perform the following services:

- Download and update devices' configuration
- Download and update users’ access time zone
- Download and upload users’ credentials
- Download attendance data and access records
- Store all data into the database

However, customers do not need to login directly into TimeTec A-WDMS Cloud Server to utilize the system. Customers simply login to TimeTec Cloud solutions at the application levels, all the aforementioned services can be performed conveniently. We have also developed the API commands in order to enable the TimeTec A-WDMS cloud server to operate perfectly with TimeTec Cloud solutions. Customers can intuitively connect, manage and operate ZKTeco devices using our built-in TimeTec Cloud user interfaces on each cloud application respectively. When customers want to perform an action on the ZKTeco device, for example, to download user listing, customers can do it under the TimeTec Cloud user interface, and our system will send API command to the TimeTec A-WDMS cloud server. The TimeTec A-WDMS cloud server will react to requests and perform the actions accordingly with the ZKTeco devices.

All data retrieved from ZKTeco devices are uploaded and save under the TimeTec A-WDMS cloud server. All TimeTec Cloud solutions connect to the same database for further analysis of data collection and for reporting works used. Therefore, the account admin will be given permission to employ TimeTec Cloud solutions to retrieve all essential data from ZKTeco devices as well.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.


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